Toy Commercial Tuesday: Starcom

I have a weird relationship with Starcom. I don’t really remember the property as a cartoon or even really being in toy stores, but I do have some of them in my collection. One year when I was in Indian Guides–a riff on the Boy Scouts the YMCA used to do–we had a Christmas party and I got the M-6 Railgunner. It was a fun little car that transformed and used magnets, so I was down. Later on, a friend who was way more into Starcom than I was when we were kids, stopped being into toys and I absorbed his toys! It was awesome! Through him I got the ship in this commercial, the Starcom Base and a one-legged African American spaceman who wasn’t inhibited thanks to space (the story I dreamed up, the toy was just broken).

Years later, I graduated college and eventually got an interview with Wizard thanks to a summer internship the year before where I went in and was tested on my research skills. I would go on to get the job, but while I was there, they were looking for a Starcom toy to run at the top of this Retro Toys sidebar in the ToyFare price guide. I spoke up, said I had one and shipped it out once I got back, so, technically, my Starcom toys were officially employed by Wizard before I was. You can even see the one legged spaceman in the cockpit!

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