Series Premiere: The Event

The ad campaign behind NBC’s The Event seemed very intent on making it seem like the next Lost. Something mysterious happens to an ensemble cast and we’re meant to put the pieces together as the series goes on, presumably. The missus and I were curious enough and there wasn’t another show at the same time we wanted to watch, so we watched the first episode. It was alright, but definitely feels like someone was taking notes while a relative talked about Lost. You’ve got a story told completely out of order, focusing on different characters, but while the previously mentioned show did that over a season, The Event does it in one episode. It’s a bit much to take in. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention while Jason Ritter hung out with the girl he wanted to propose to, so I missed the time tags they threw up onscreen to tell you when things were taking place in relative order.

Here’s what I gathered from the story (SPOILERS AHOY). There’s a group of people being held against their will Guantanamo Bay-style, but in a frozen wasteland (makes me think of The Thing). We’re never told why they’re there or who they are, though the President (Blaire Underwood) seems to have just found out about it. Right before he was going to talk to their leader on the news, he was evacuated thanks to an impending terrorist attack. Since I wasn’t paying attention to the time tags, I’m not exactly sure what the actual event is. It might be that some blue ball of energy appeared out of nowhere and disappeared a passenger plane aimed right at the President and his family (the aforementioned terrorist attack). How the plane got aimed at the President and who was involved made up the earlier part of the episode with lots more characters introduced.

Frankly, I wasn’t that drawn into the story. The characters were okay, but seemed fairly one-note right now, though that might not be a fair judgment this early on. Ritter wants to find his girlfriend whose presence on a cruise ship–along with his own–has been completely covered up. The President is a good man wanting to find out what’s going on. I don’t know, nothing really grabbed me. Sure, I’m curious to find out what the deal with the big flash was. Are they shapeshifting aliens? Probably. That’s my guess at least, though I’ve got this weird idea that magic might be involved somehow. Or, hey, maybe it’s four-toed gods. Anyway, it’s not the kind of thing I’m dying to understand and feel like if another show popped up opposite, I’d be just as content reading what happened on Wikipedia or finding out from a friend who watched. Speaking of which, anyone else watch it? Thoughts?

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