Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification”

Big Bang Theory seems to have settled into a pretty nice-working formula that shines the spotlight mainly on Sheldon, throws in liberal amounts of Penny with him and then has Leonard dealing with him and Raj and Howard making jokes. I don’t expect the formula to be stuck to explicity (in fact, that would probably turn awful pretty quickly), but it’s working for now until they figure out what to do with Leonard. Tonight’s episode also brought Apple inventor Steve Wozniak on as a guest and a pretty cool photo op:There’s also Sheldon trying to run and inventing a robot, so let’s jump into the live blog.

8:00pm – Haha, Leonard asks Sheldon if he’s looking to trap the roadrunner because he’s got several dry erase boards. He’s really trying to figure out when he’s going to die.
8:01pm – KBB = “Killed by badger.” Poor Uncle Carl.

Sheldon’s new gaspy laugh is kind of creepy. Sheldon thinks he’ll live for another 60 years, but he needs to live longer so he can put his mind in a robot.

8:02pm – He’s worried about missing the dogopus, “Man’s underwater best friend.”

8:05pm – They’re all eating pizza and Penny doesn’t throw money in right away. Raj tells Howard that if he had woman parts he’d eat for free the rest of his day, but Penny says he wouldn’t be able to talk to himself. Burn.

8:06pm – Sheldon’s not eating pizza on pizza night anymore because he wants to live longer.

“Didn’t you already do that?” Penny asks regarding Sheldon becoming a robot.

8:07pm – Sheldon’s also looking to start exercising. I can’t see that working out well. Raj suggests through Howard that Sheldon should jog with Penny. Howard says that Raj watches her through high powered binoculars, but he’s just giving Raj shit.

8:08pm – That night, Sheldon’s having stomach pain and thinks he has cholera. “There’s no cholera in Pasadena.” – Leonard.

8:09pm – Leonard thinks it’s his appendix and Sheldon goes on a diatribe about the organ and it’s origins.

Haha, that was a long way to go for a fart joke. Blame it on the brussels sprouts.

8:10pm – The next day Sheldon’s wearing a Flash t-shirt, black socks and plaid shorts to go running with Penny.

Haha, Penny runs till she’s hungry and then stops for a bear claw. Penny’s stretching and shows Sheldon how, but he’s super stiff. Can’t go wrong with Penny stretching 😉
8:11pm – They start running down the stairs, Sheldon falls and then farts.

8:12pm – Haha, Raj orders chicken nuggets from the Indian place.

Damn, Penny owes Leonard $1400. Raj is right, she doesn’t have to put out to get free stuff.

And here we have the Sheldon robot with a TV and a Green Lantern T-shirt hanging from it. He’s decided the world is too dangerous and he needs to protect himself, sending the robot out into the world to interact with humanity. 8:13pm – RoboSheldon still has a problem with Penny sitting in his spot.

8:18pm – Penny doesn’t see much interest in RoboSheldon. Sheldon tells Leonard he’ll have to disassemble him to carry him down the stairs. Sheldon says his body is in a secure location he swears isn’t his bedroom.

8:19pm – Leonard goes into Sheldon’s room. Penny offers to sell her underwear to Raj or Howard for $1400, they don’t answer.
“Pay no attention to that man in the bed.” – Sheldon.

Sheldon asks the most likely way for someone his age to die and Leonard suggests “By your roommate?”

8:20pm – Haha, Sheldon wrote a clause about just such an occasion into the roommate agreement, as you might expect.

Haha, seeing RoboSheldon in the car is pretty hilarious.

Sheldon plays “Greensleeves” on is record for Leonard to relax.

Sheldon wonders why Leonard doesn’t like this as it’s kind of like Knight Rider. “Except in Knight Rider, the car isn’t a yammering sphincter.” – Leonard. Then Sheldon talks about sphincters. “I was wrong, this is exactly like Knight Rider.”

8:22pm – Why is Sheldon trying to make Leonard do a hidden picture while he’s driving? Totally unsafe, but he doesn’ care because he’s not in danger.

Leonard turns the monitor off and then it comes back on with a “Bazinga” that almost makes Leonard crash. Sheldon built an override in.

8:23pm – Haha, RoboSheldon gets to work and can’t open the door to his office because he has no arms or hands.

“Oh look, it’s Leonard and R2-Dbag.” Howard, but he swiped that joke from Raj.

“Be a lamb and open the door for me.” – Sheldon. Gah, Raj opened the door for him.

8:24pm – They’re at the Cheesecake Factory and Penny’s embarrassed.
“I say we take him to Tatooine and ust sell him to some Jawas.” – Howard, stealing from Raj again.

Haha, he extends himself upwards trying to get the manager and then spots Steve Wozniak.

8:25pm – Penny knows who he is because he was on Dancing with the Stars.Sheldon goes over and tells him he’s his 15th most favorite technological geniuses.

“Thanks we were shooting for nifty.” – Woz.8:26pm – Sheldon tries bringing his computer to the Cheesecake Factory for him to get it signed, but falls down the stairs. Woz calls him a nerd. Awesome.

8:29pm – RoboSheldon just runs into Penny’s door saying “Penny.” Sheldon wants Penny to sing “Soft Kitty” for him because he’s hurt and can’t get out of bed. Sheldon accompanies her with his recorder.

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