Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 10

Hey SPOILER WARNING Angelina finally left Jersey Shore tonight! Rejoice! There’s actually two fights in this episode one between Angelina and Mike when the episode begins and one to end the show between Snooki and Angelina. It’s fantastically trashy. Let’s just jump into the live blog which picks up from where last week’s episode left off. 10:00pm – Oh yeah, we’re starting off with the Angelina/Mike fight. Should be interesting. Angelina was sitting there with her chick friend and some dude she brought home and Mike mentioned her cleaning. She blew up at him, he came back at her bringing up her pad on the floor and here we go.

Angelina hits Mike and the dude holds her back from doing anything more.

10:02pm – Pauly tells Angelina’s dude friend to bounce, it’s time for a family meeting. Her chick friend is still around. Angelina tells him to wait and give her his number, but Pauly thinks it’s a fake after all the craziness he’s seen that night.

Mike says she crossed the line by hitting him in the face.

10:03pm – Angelina tells the camera that the house has broken her down.

Inside, Mike’s asking Pauly and Vinny if he should feel bad.

Pauly says she brings a lot of bullshit on herself. Pauly and Vinny tell Mike not to feel bad that she’s outside crying.

10:04pm – “She brought all these random people home, you’re a girl. Guys do that.” – Pauly’s not winning any platitudes from women’s groups this week.

“She’s dirty.” – Pauly.

It just seems to be Pauly, Vinny and Mike talking about this, though we saw Ronnie and I think Sammi in the room.

10:05pm – JWOWW just got home and Mike goes in to tell her about it. Tom’s with her too (I forgot he was still there).

10:06pm – JWOWW goes out to talk to Angelina and tells the camera she thinks Angelina has earned her spot after being in so many arguments. JWOWW’s telling her not to leave, Angelina says she can’t deal with the mental abuse. Both these broads are out of their minds.
Thanks for nothing JWOWW, we were hoping she’d leave because she’s THE WORST.

10:10pm – Angelina feels bad for her friend for having to be around for all that.

Angelina thinks she deserves some drinks tonight. For starting shit with Mike? Yeah, being a deluded bitch must take a lot out of you.

Pauly and Vinny just keep singing, it’s hilarious. It’s almost T-shirt Time!

10:11pm – I think you got too much sun today too, Pauly.

10:12pm – The cab company is having trouble understanding that Mike is telling them his name is Situation. Oi.

Ah, Mike’s meeting up with Samantha, the chick who ditched out at the club after they tried to have sex in the bathroom. Wow, her skirt is super short.

10:13pm – Mike’s showing her around and asking what kind of pajamas she likes and he makes the smash room look all nice.

Cabs are here!

10:14pm – Jose’s at the club and Angelina’s telling him she almost left today.

Dance montage!

10:15pm – This girl slides her way between Mike and Samantha as she turns around, but Samantha’s not having any of that. Ronnie and Pauly are watching in the background, hilarious.

10:16pm – Looks like they’re heading back to the house.
Haha, Vinny calls Samantha “the Canadian.”

“Guess what, I’m about to smash tonight.” – Mike to the camera.

10:17pm – Whoa, Samantha’s a screamer in the smash room.

Why is Jose sitting in the kitchen with no shirt on? Does he think he’s the new Sitch?

10:21pm – Angelina wants to sleep with Jose in Mike’s bed. That’s so weird!

“I love Canadian chicks.” – Mike.

Mike goes into the room. They’re sleeping in Mike’s bed because her friend is in her bed. She totally should have asked though.

10:22pm – Mike’s proud that Samantha wakes up the next morning and has an egg sandwich with him, Vinny and Pauly. Doesn’t take a whole lot to impress him does it? I’m still thinking she’s in this to be on TV, especially with the loud sex.

10:23pm – Mike comes back in and gives Angelina some shit for not asking him if they could sleep in the bed. Earlier Jose thanked him. Mike thinks the only reason Angelina said anything was because Jose said something. It was pretty weird.

Angelina’s friend Gina’s taking off and happy to be leaving the house because things are crazy. You should go with her Angelina.

10:24pm – That night Mike’s talking with the rest of the roommates about Angelina sleeping in his bed after punching him in the face.

10:25pm – Angelina comes out and says that she doesn’t care what anyone in the house thinks about her. She keeps telling him to drop it. Then she makes this face and looks like a Rachel Dratch character:
Hey, MTV, please don’t invite this broad to come back next season. She’s awful and everyone hates her.

10:30pm – After the commercial, they’re still fighting. Pauly tells the camera that Angelina needs to admit her fault. She tells the assembled roommates that she’s tried to be nice to everyone. Really?

She keeps saying she deserves to be in the house. Of all of them, she’s the one that deserves to be there the least BECAUSE YOUR ANNOYING ASS LEFT! And let’s be honest, none of them deserve anything.

JWOWW defends Angelina because she says Mike can be a real asshole and push all your buttons.

10:31pm – Pauly’s walking around waking everyone up. I don’t know why though. The boys are going out for a GTL session. Something in the car stinks. Ronnie’s actually gagging. Someone left a sandwich under the floor mat, Pauly throws it out of the car.10:33pm – Angelina and JWOWW are talking again this morning. I don’t understand why JWOWW cares so much if this broad leaves.

10:37pm – Snooki’s “working” at the gelato shop, but she’s making a checklist for the guy she wants. She wants another Guido juicehead, with her personality, style and who won’t cheat on her. Oh, Sammi’s working too. The owner makes Snooki mop the patio because she wasn’t working then she asks why her. BECAUSE YOU’RE A TERRIBLE WORKER!
10:39pm – JWOWW’s all sad that Tom’s leaving. But Snooki comes back and shows JWOWW the list and now it’s their mission to find her ideal man.

Snooks thinks she’ll find him at the gym or the Ed Hardy store. Is “douchebag” on the list because that sounds like what she’s really going for.

10:40pm – The guys comes back from GTL, JWOWW tells them Angelina might be leaving. Word starts spreading from Snooki to Sammi now. Haha, it spreads like Telephone.

10:41pm – It’s kind of awesome that no one cares if Angelina leaves.

10:42pm – The roommates are going to dinner at 10 and then the club at 12. Mike invites her and then she says she’s going to decide what she’s going to do. I agree with Ronnie, that makes no sense.

Now she says none of the roommates like her and that they’re all fake. Mike gets up and tells her to get out.

Gah, this episode is going to end on a fight again, by the looks of it. This time between drunk Snooki and Angelina. How many fights does this broad have to get in before she gets bounced?

10:46pm – “My V-neck is so fresh, I skipped T-shirt time.” – Vinny.

They’re all getting ready to go get dinner and Angelina doesn’t come. Mike’s adamant about not coddling her, he says she wants them to come to her and beg her to come to dinner. I’d say that a thousand percent right. That Mike, he’s a perceptive one sometimes.

10:47pm – Mike says everyone’s having a good time without Angelina at the club.

Pauly’s girl who he got all gussied up for a few episodes back comes out to the club. She asks him to take her back to Rhode Island with her.

10:48pm – Snooki’s way too desperate. Dude’s don’t like that. So, she gets all up on this Alex dude who hooked up with Angelina once. I can’t tell if she knows that, but everyone else seems to.

Back at the house, Angelina’s packing her bags. She wants to pack while they were gone, but doesn’t want to actually leave while they’re gone. She probably should have.

10:49pm – Angelina’s just sitting on the couch waiting for them all to get back, it’s weird. The gang sees the bags packed outside and start hooting and hollering before going inside, then we cut to commercial.

10:53pm – And we’re back. The roommates come in and she says she’s leaving, but she sees Alex and starts grilling him. But Alex walks over, sits next to Angelina on the couch and starts chatting her up.

With everyone in earshot, she asks why he would come home with Snooki. Then Pauly brings up Jose. Now Alex tries to go over and talk to Snooki, but she tells him to stay away from her.

10:54pm – Snooki brings up Angelina going after her sloppy seconds. I think in her mind she thinks that Alex is somehow her sloppy seconds, but not so unless there’s drunk midget math I don’t understand.

10:55pm – Angelina yells at all the roommates telling them they’re fake.

Snooki hands someone her earrings and then starts pulling Angelina’s hair. But it doesn’t look good for little Snooki. Mike moves the table so no one breaks it or themselves on it. JWOWW breaks them up, but then Angelina charges Snooki and they’re back into fighting, luckily landing on the lovesack because Angelina took her down hard.

“It’s like beating up a baby.” – Ronnie about Snooki fighting. 10:56pm – Ronnie and Sammi are sitting outside while Angelina goes and tells them she thought they were friends. Ronnie and Sammi say they weren’t okay with her saying they were fake.

Angelina tells the camera that she was hoping someone would ask her not to leave.

“Sammi, I always tried to be your friend.” – Angelina. Sammi calls her on her shit and she says “peace out fake people” before leaving. 10:57pm – Mike says it’s blasphemy to call him–the leader–fake.

10:59pm – Haha, I’m not sure if he really means it, but Pauly’s showing Vinny him and Mike’s new room. He said they’re gonna get rid of that extra bed.

In the afterhsow thing, Angelina keeps trying to talk her way out of shit. Vinny, Snooki, Mike and JWOWW are all there. JWOWW says she wishes she had beat Angelina’s ass the first day because she caused all the drama. Mike gets up and walks off stage while Angelina’s trying to defend herself and not admitting to any wrong doing once again. The others–except for Angelina–follow.

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