Designer Borrows From Watchmen

So, yeah, I sometimes watch Project Runway with the missus. I’m not too embarrassed to admit it (okay a little). However I’m not embarrassed to say that watching that show has turned me into a pretty big fan of Tom & Lorenzo over at their blog. They spend a lot of time talking about TV and fashion, half of which I understand, the other half I don’t. Turns out one of them–can’t remember which–is a big comic fan, so I’m a little surprised that they didn’t call out the fact that last season’s Project Runway winner Seth Aaron seems to have borrowed pretty heavily from Watchmen when designing this piece in their post covering his recently fashion show.It’s not just the colors, but this immediately made me think of Silk Spectre, not so much the comic version, but definitely the movie version. King of a combination of the current and classic looks. Weird, huh?



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