Casting Internets

Soundgarden’s gonna be on Conan next Tuesday!

Good on the Tuscon Con. (via Comics Reporter)Damn, space is awesome, especially as seen from Space Station Cupola, check out the gallery over on Wired. I love Scott C’s most recent Showdown between Chasing Amy’s Banky and an irate comics fan played by Scott Mosier.

My mind got a little blown today after reading Dudestache‘s quote about Tea Partiers having a lot in common with nerds. So true, so scary. (via Robot 6)

As if the new G.I. Joe and Transformers cartoons weren’t enough for me to want the new Hub channel, Whitney Matheson talked about their syndication schedule which includes Fraggle Rock and Family Ties. Color me jealous.

This fake trailer called “Toby Snaps” is pretty good, but would be much better with some more suspenseful music in there. JJ Kirby‘s Lil’ Batman piece is rad. I’d watch that cartoon for sure. Chris Bishop’s selling copies of his fun Mer-Man print on etsy!I’m definitely going to cook Smitten Kitchen‘s latest recipe next week. Spaghetti with chickpeas sounds awesome and get a load of her pics! She makes food look even more awesome that it normally does.

Sean, BC at HMAD and Tom & Lorenzo all dug Walking Dead. I didn’t. This is like me disliking Spider-Man 2 all over again. That is all.

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