The Challenge Cutthroat Episode 6 “Where The Red Team Blows”

While tonight’s episode of The Challenge: Cutthroat was the usual 60 minutes with commercials, the episode felt awful light to me without a whole lot going on. Part of the reason for that is that there were so many boring, foolish decisions made at various times by various people, none of which where very surprising. The episode kicks off with Chet’s triumphant return to the house. He has just enough time to tell his teammates how bad Czech hospitals are, that he gave himself his own suppository and that he might need a day to compete before TJ Lavin comes in and tells him he’s got to go home thanks to the concussion he incurred. It’s a bummer because I not only like Chet a lot, but he seemed to be proving himself pretty well on Red, which was a lot easier with Brandon always going into the Gulag. Chet is actually the first male to be sent home from Red, which is interesting. Better luck next time Chet. Hit the jump for the full report.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Derrick of Blue are talking while working out. Neither are pleased with their now Ty-less team because it means one of them will always be going into the Gualg when they don’t win. Meanwhile, Brandon and Luke are talking and Brandon thinks he’ll have to go back into the Gulag again before everything’s all said and done. You can tell an episode won’t be super thrilling when this much of it consists of people talking to each other about the things you just saw recapped in the “previously on” section.

The challenge itself, called Sky Hook, looked pretty damn tough. There’s a bunch of huge rings hanging above the water (again) and a giant basketball net at the end of them. The idea is that all but one player has to be on the rings, the one still on land passes one of 10 balls which is passed from player to player and eventually shot by the first person to go out. That person then shoots. Whoever makes the most out of ten baskets in 20 minutes wins. Since Gray won last time, they chose the order: Red, Blue and then Gray. When trying to figure out who would be the shooter, Tyler nominated Brandon who took the burden on and wound up not making any baskets. To be fair, he was doing what his teammates suggested even though not a one of them offered to take on the responsibility of the challenge. They also dropped a fair number of balls in the process of passing them to him. For whatever reason, Brandon decides to shoot from two rings back from the basket instead of the closest possible ring which obviously didn’t work out for him.

So, once again, the real race came down to Blue and Gray. Blue came out and did a surprisingly good job with Derrick taking charge of this challenge and saying he’d volunteer himself in if they lost. Of course, Johnny full supports this decision. I can’t help but think that by taking the pressure of Johnny, Derrick’s just painting a bigger target on his back and he’ll get played AGAIN. Anyway, Blue winds up scoring four baskets with Gray up next. I don’t think anyone expected much of this team, but Gray wound up doing really well, scoring early and often. They still had a few balls to shoot when the scored their five baskets and walked away with the win. Abram took it upon himself to shoot even though he claims to not be very skilled at basketball, but the team seemed to really work well together. 

The voting process was pretty basic, though TJ Lavin’s comments raised an interesting idea that I hadn’t thought of. More on that in a second. For Blue, both Derrick and Emily nominated themselves and both got voted in. Meanwhile, the Red pre-vote meeting looking a lot more chaotic with everyone tossing the blame at everyone else, including Brad calling Brandon out for taking on a leadership role and not being able to perform. Hey, he didn’t take it on, it was foisted upon him. If Brandon was smart, he would have just told them to sit and spin so he could rest up for the Gulag. Lavin points out that all but two players on Red got voted for (Tyler and Tori). He also gives them shit for throwing Brandon in yet again, calling him their strongest player. Melinda also got voted in, which was kind of surprising, but just because it wasn’t Camila. When they did the voting montage a few people said they weren’t voting for Camila because they told her they wouldn’t if she came back from the last Gulag. So, the contestants wound up being Derrick and Emily from Blue and Brandon and Melinda from Red. When talking about Blue, Lavin said they had great team unity, while Red had none. I thought it was kind of interesting that he would expect a team to come to a decision ahead of time instead of fighting and backstabbing one another. Maybe I’m just overly negative that way. Then things got annoying. After the voting, one of those big buses rolled up, everyone got in and went to a sketchy bar. I don’t remember them doing this as much in previous Challenges, probably thanks to some of the more remote locales. Personally, I’d be all set on going to a Czech nightclub, but that’s just me.  For some stupid reason, Camila walks up to Brad and tells him that she voted for him and just wanted him to know it’s based on performance and nothing else, noting that she’s never included on who’s voting for who. Brad’s not sure why she told him this and walks away pissed because he claims he stood up for her (don’t remember seeing that myself, but not everything’s on TV). Brad tells his wife Tori who loses her shit, runs over to Camila and tells her that Camila will always be getting her vote from now on. Back at the house, Camila tries to explain herself to Tori and Paula, but it doesn’t really make any sense. She tries to say how non-crafty and sneaky she is because she came out and told Brad, but she just comes off as a dunce. It’s funny because Paula and Tori think she’s playing some kind of game, but what kind of game could that be? She just comes off as a dumbass. Worst of all though? This paints that damn target on her back once again which means that dead weight like Paula can continue to not prove herself for the foreseeable future. Oh, also, Tori comes off as a complete witch in this episode, talking a whole lot of smack even though the only reason no one has voted for her is because they’re afraid of Brad. I don’t completely disagree with what Johnny said about her, though I won’t be quoting it here.

The Gulag once again is Handcuffs, a game where the two players each grab two rings and have to wrestle them away, the first person to get five wins. The girls are up first and even though Melinda put up more of a fight than they expected (I wasn’t as surprised), Emily wins five to nothing. Same thing happens with Derrick and Brandon. Blue winds up keeping both of their strong players and Red loses their male scapegoat. Afterwards there’s some boring argument between drunk Paula and Jenn. Paula says that if Brandon and Camila were on Blue they would be sending them in just like Red has done. Jenn just explodes and says that’s nonsense and tells Camila to mind her business. But, hey, on the real? That’s exactly what Blue did with Katie and Easy. All those people went into Gulags, won and came back only to be sent in again.

By the end of the episode Red has lost three players which brings their numbers down to six which makes them even with Gray and one more than Blue at five. I’m not really sure what to think anymore. We still don’t know how CT or the other girl fit into things with their black jerseys. At this point, I think I like Gray the most, though they seem to be getting less and less screen time. Red seems like a pretty huge mess. They’ve lost so many good players so fast and seem so disorganized that I don’t think they’ll get it together. They’ve also come in last in at least the last two Challenges. All in all, we’re to the point where most of the big dogs on each team will probably have to start going in and not only proving themselves, but keeping the faith of their teammates. Derrick needs to be smart and make sure not to keep volunteering so Johnny can actually prove his mettle. I’m hoping Gray can keep their winning streak going, though they could still easily lose Theresa with no problems. Things get overly complicated when you’ve got to worry about relationships like the one between Cara Maria and Abe and Brad and Tori. Those are hard to break up, but now that Camila knows that people are gunning for her, if she can just get one more vote for someone else, she could do some damage. These people really need to start thinking about the numbers game. If you want to oust someone, you only really need two, maybe three votes and you’re golden. I doubt anyone will try and coups but here’s hoping.

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