Casting Internets

Hey, you can buy everything The Beatles ever recorded on iTunes for $150. Not bad. (via Wired)Speaking of The Beatles, just saw this rad photo of them on Ffffound and figured I’d pass it along. Originally posted here.

Hacking the Kinect is genius. I bet it can be modified to become a 3D scanner that could be used for 3D printing! (via I Heart Chaos)Eboy‘s poster’s never fail to amaze. Check out his most recent one featuring Paris which you can get for about $30 American plus shipping I assume.

DC‘s War of the Green Lanterns sounds intriguing. Maybe I’ll finally go back and read all of Geoff Johns’ stuff up through Blackest Night.

There’s a new Jason Statham action movie called The Mechanic! Love that guy. The trailer looks rad even if the plot reminds me of the crappy Nic Cage version of Bangkok Dangerous, they spoil a part of the movie in the trailer and the trailer text is ultra lame. Just realized thanks to actually reading the /Film text that this is a remake of the Charles Bronson flick of the same name which I watched and dug.

According to Deadline, Baz Luhrmann cast Carey Mulligan as Daisy in his version of The Great Gatsby. I noted in my post about the 1974 adaptation that the movie really lies on her shoulders, but I’ve never seen Mulligan in anything, is she any good?Holy nuts the new BB King Lucille Gem Series guitars I just saw on Musician’s Friend sure are pretty.

Here’s a write-up I did on Age of X written by Mike Carey for MTV Geek. Mike’s always a lot of fun to talk to. I also wrote a list that went up on Topless Robot yesterday running down some of the crazier moments from the Walking Dead comics (which I just re-read and wrote about here) that I’ll be surprised if actually make it onto the show. Beware, though, it’s FILLED with spoilers and gore.

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