Casting Internets

I Heart Chaos‘ gallery of retro food is filled to the gills with junk food I’ve eaten. Remember the Doctor Pepper gum? I was just talking about that with the missus the other day!

Rich Koslowski posted on his blog recently and dropped two interesting tidbits. First, he’s been shopping the excellent 3 Geeks around Hollywood and second, he’s beginning to work on an “amazing” new graphic novel/potential series. Cool.

I’m a big fan of the Ocean’s 11 movies which were helmed by Steven Soderbergh, so I’m curious by the announcement I read on /Film that he’s working on a Man From U.N.C.L.E. flick. I also love pretty much anything having to do with 60s spy games, so this should be interesting. I’d be more interested if they made it more of a 60s period piece. The site now says that George Clooney might be involved. Delightful!

Just read on Whitney Matheson’s Pop Candy that CBS is doing a “Soft Kitty” contest for Big Bang Theory fans.

My buddy Jim McCann’s Return of the Dapper Men got a five star review over on CBR! I dug it too!

I know the Green Lantern trailer has gone up all over the internet, but I’m still holding off to see it on the big screen, or at least my TV screen.

And finally, I haven’t read it yet, but my buddy Kiel Phegley got to interview Dolph Lundgren for CBR’s Spinoff. I am sufficiently jealous and impressed.

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