8 thoughts on “The Woman In This T-Mobile Commercial Looks Like A Legionnaire

      1. Ooh, I gotcha. I was thinking more about the costume design. I couldn’t remember if the Sensor Girl costume predated the Saturn Girl revision which, you’re right, looks exactly like this woman’s wardrobe.

  1. I see. Sensor Girl does indeed predate that version of Saturn Girl, but all the ‘Legionnaires’ designs were most likely based on Dave Cockrum’s Lightening Lad. Man, that takes me back!

  2. As I recall, Lightning Lad’s costume was the least affected by the Legionnaires redesign. Instead of ending just above the crotch, the white of his suit was extended all the way to the boots.

  3. I recalled wrong. Reverse it. The white began at the pelvis, which makes more sense considering the point I wanted to make. D’oh!

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