Casting Internets

The Princes Leia in gold bikini Peek-a-Boo pen is pretty hilarious. Get one free with every order at (via

Check out this pic of Walt Disney World’s World Rivery in Florida, an abandoned water park that shut down in 2001, though I don’t remember ever hearing about it on my trips there.

Potential political bias aside, the fact that media heavyweights Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs have teamed up to create a digital only, iPad-ready newspaper called Daily and hired 100 reporters to work for it is huge. I wonder if they need someone to write about toys and comics? (via I Heart Chaos)

I learned two interesting things about last weekend’s Notre Dame victory over Army at Yankee Stadium from First, because they added seats for the game, it actually boasts the largest attendance at the stadium ever. Eat it Yankees. Also, now ND is actually bowl eligible! Maybe next year they’ll be ranked!

Go check out today’s 10 Craziest Cartoon Transformations (Not Performed by Robots) list over on Topless Robot which just so happens to have been written by yours truly.

Hey, the Miz won some WWE championship thing. Good for him! (via Cool Kids Table)

Check out Kevin Smith talking about Smodcastle and the Smodcast Podcast Network on KTLA. There’s not a lot of new information if you’ve been following his career lately, but it’s kind of nice to actually see him. Dudes really likes to talk with his hands.

If you’ve been dreaming of a Torchwood/Star Wars/Avenue Q mash-up check out and see what that would kinda sorta look like. This is Thelonious Monk, he was an amazing jazz pianist. I got this off of Only The Young Die Young which might be my favorite Tumblr page around.

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