Captain America: Freelance Artist

One of my favorite aspects of Captain America, and something that isn’t really mentioned in Ed Brubaker’s ongoing series which I love, is the fact that Steve Rogers is an artist who, at one time, actually drew the Captain America comic book that existed in the Marvel Universe. While reading through an old version of Captain America: War & Remembrance (which I was pretty bored by, actually) I was reminded of all this thanks to a page from #248 I believe which co-written by Roger Stern and John Byrne and drawn by Byrne. You can read Steve’s frustration with the world of freelance as written by either man, really and still seems fairly accurate today. Sometimes it’s fun, but man, can it be rough and tedious too. Here’s another image in case you’re having trouble reading the above one. As if readers didn’t already want to be Captain America with his steadfast integrity, physical prowess and dyed in the wool heroic nature, the dude could also draw comics! I’m sure there’s a meta message in there, but I don’t feel like unpacking it. I do wonder if Cap ever gets the ol’ sketchbook out and doodles around. Maybe he’s working on a pitch for Image to bolster that S.H.I.E.L.D. paycheck.

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