Christmas Stories: 2010 Geeky Ornaments

This is a bit late, but I actually forgot I snapped this pic while at a Hallmark a few weeks back. Anyway, people really seemed to dig last year’s ornament post, so here’s some of the geekier ornaments I saw. Across the top you’ve got the edge of a Tron Legacy light cycle, Iron Man, King Kong on top of the Empire State Building, an Office Dwight bobblehead and the blue chick from Avatar (you can also see the bottom of a Rosie ornament from The Jetsons). On the bottom you can see the side of a Snowspeeder, Luke Skywalker and Captain Kirk facing off (I love how they were posed) and the Enterprise. There were a lot more, but I didn’t snap pics of everything. Hopefully, there’s something in here worthy of your Christmas tree!

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