Casting Internets

Hey gang, this’ll be the last Casting Internets for the week as we’re traveling to New Hampshire for Christmas. It’s kind of a light day, but there’s some goodies in here.

Lucasfilm has been sending out rad Christmas cards for 33years and now you can see them all on! The missus literally laughed herself to tears reading the latest Hyperbole and a Half which recalls Allie’s recreation of the nativity story when she was 6. My favorite quote is “Jesus loves Kenny Loggins” followed close by “Kenny Loggins is immortal.” Check out Gentle Giant’s new series of Doctor Who Masterpiece busts starting off with Matt Smith’s Doctor and Amy Pond.

Mattel sent out Gray Ghost figure holiday cards to places like Fwoosh? That’s awesome. Mine must have gotten lost in the mail…I’ve had the black & white one volume version of Bone sitting in my to-read pile for years, but now I kind of want to wait for the fully colored version. (via Robot 6)

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