Casting Internets

Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with my buddy Sean Collins and artist Matt Wiegle’s Destructor strip. Check out the whole first story all in one place shows off Disney’s new Star Wars Vinylmation figures. They look pretty amazing. Might have to start collecting those next time I go to Disney World like I did the Star Wars/Disney mash-up minifigures.

Tom Spurgeon‘s parsing of the Fantagraphics Carl Barks duck comic announcement was interesting and informative.

My buddy Ben Morse examines the problem of Ka-Zar and his ties to the Savage Land over at Cool Kids Table.

Absolutely not okay.

It’s official, the iPhone’s coming to Verizon. I’m still not sure if my next phone should be this one or the Droid. Thoughts?

Good news! Nick Stahl’s been cast in the Locke & Key TV adaptation according to /Film. Very cool, I’ve been a fan of his since the cancelled-too-soon Carnivale.

My buddy Kevin Mahadeo moves in on my horror beat over at Topless Robot, but it’s okay because I dig his life of the most effective horror movie killers. If he starts writing about toys, we’ll have to have words though. Holy cats. I LOVE Ultra the Multi-Alien, thus I love Thomas Perkins’ version of the cover to Mystery In Space #106 over on Covered.

Wired discovered Suck Lord. Good for them!

Finally, 7 million have already seen this, but I just saw this video of cats playing patty cake on a three week old Diggnation and had to post it. I don’t usually go in for cute cat videos, but this one’s great.

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