Casting Internets

First up, even before hyping myself, I’m going to send out big ol’ congrats and thank yous to the Steelers for coming back and beating the Ravens. Here’s hoping the Jets’ deal with the devil wears off by next week.

Okay, me now, I talked to Christos Gage about his Five Favorite Avengers for

Brian Azzarello and Edwuardo Risso working on a book called Spacemen for Vertigo? Sounds like another trade I’ll be hunting down when it finally comes out.

Happy early birthday to my buddy Ben Morse of and Cool Kids Table. Check out the rad Todd Nauk art he got as an early birthday present he posted on CKT.Tom Whalen‘s Donkey Kong art is awesome.

My buddy Zach Oat got his hands on some classic Transformers books, go check them out at his blog Buster Of Chops.

While watching the Golden Globes last night, a show I don’t particularly care about, I was overjoyed with Ricky Gervais’ comments, especially when he did the unthinkable and made John McClain stumble. If you missed it, check out Esquire‘s run down.

Finally, thanks to Leigh Walton of Top Shelf’s suggestion in the comment section of my post about James Kochalka’s Sketchbook Diary books, I’ve been burning through the rest of his diary comics on American Elf. I’m up to August 23, 2005 as of right now. It’s inspiring stuff for lots of reasons I’ll get into when I get caught up.

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