Did Yo Know Always Sunny’s Glen Howerton Was In The That 70s Show Spinoff?

I’m not quite sure how I got involved in looking up information about That 80s Show tonight, but I had no recollection that Glen Howerton of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was the lad in that show. Here’s video proof:

I was and am a huge fan of That 70s Show (not counting the last seaspn of course). In fact, I’ve been really enjoying the reruns I’ve been seeing on MTV and ABC Family lately. It’s up there in my mind as one of the best sitcoms of it’s time. Anyway, I remember seeing these ads for the 80s themed semi spinoff and thinking the show looked stupid and lacked the heart and depth of it’s predecessor. Turned out I was right after watching the first episode (and watching it again here in YouTube form). Still, it’s interesting to see Howerton in something pre-Sunny. I got into the first few seasons of that show for various reasons. I still give it a watch when I see the odd episode is on and I’m looking for something to watch. If you’re curious how the That 80s Show pilot ends, you can finish watching it here:

Not so great. Still, I’d probably check out the rest of the episodes on Netflix Instant or something.

One thought on “Did Yo Know Always Sunny’s Glen Howerton Was In The That 70s Show Spinoff?

  1. Man, I only watched the the pilot with weirdly high hopes, but that show was rough. The big difference for me from 70’s Show was whereas that one was about the characters and story with the 70’s just being a backdrop for the occasional joke, 80’s Show was only about making heavy-handed gags about how it was the 80’s (again, just from the pilot).

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