Toy Commercial Tuesday: MASK Boulder Hill Playset

I’ve got MASK fever and the only cure is more MASK commercials. Man, these toys were SWEET. While this one lacks the live action dude in the full-size helmet of last week’s installment, I have a long standing love and affection for playsets, probably because I only had a few of them and wanted them all. The Boulder Hill Playset is SICK. It’s got that boulder and the gun turret and the gas station that armors up. So rad. I’m kind of surprised that this one hasn’t made a comeback, but I wonder if they were expensive to make. Anyone know of a good MASK website to check out? I know I’ll regret it, but I really want a good DVD presentation of those eps. Maybe the gang over at Shout Factory has something in the works. Those dudes know how to make good DVDs.

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