First Impressions: Perfect Couples

With Big Bang Theory being a rerun, I was able to watch tonight’s Community which was a lot of fun, but I didn’t have nearly as much while watching the new sitcom Perfect Couples on NBC. I didn’t see last week’s premiere, but this series about three sets of couples, two married and one trying to figure out whether they should stay together or break up, just falls flat to me. You’ve got the uptight couple, which includes geek favorite Olivia Munn, the couple that’s stupid/not right for each other and then the middle of the road couple. My problem with the series is that it lacks heart and none of these characters feel like they should be friends let alone married. I think I’ll be moving over to Wipeout instead of watching this one again next week. I really can’t get enough of people smashing into giant balls or getting their legs taken out by rotating arms.

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