Digging Double Oh Seven: Agent Under Fire (2001)

Unlike a lot of folks, Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64 has almost no significance to me whatsoever. The simple reason for that is that I didn’t have that system and only wound up playing the game a few times at friends’ houses. I did play and enjoy the game based on Tomorrow Never Dies for Playstation, but even that was just a fun action game for me. The Bond video game that really had an impact for me was Agent Under Fire. See, in 2001 I was a Freshman in college and was placed in a quad room with some pretty rad dudes. I wound up sharing an actual bedroom with Hatem who had a PS2 and this game, which I actually didn’t even know the name of and it took some digging to track down. We always just called it Bond. For a while, Agent was the only first person shooter I was into. Halo was out at that time, but when the Xbox first came out the controllers were gigantic and not worth my effort.

I honestly can’t tell you how many hours we spent playing this game and shooting the hell out of each other. We dug the regular mode, but it was the difference modes and alterations you could do that made the game a lot of fun. One shot one kill was always frustrating, but exciting. Our absolute favorite way to set the game up was to negate the gravity as much as possible (what a fantastic option), turn off falling damage, turn on grappling hooks and give ourselves highly explosive guns that kind of look like what you’d expect C-3PO’s robothood to look like. Essentially, we turned the game into a video game version of The Matrix that we never tired of.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Soon enough, I discovered the joys of Red Faction II, a game that did a lot of what Agent did, but better. It would still be a year or two before I cared about a Halo game, but I’ll always have fond memories of Hatem, Brian, Nikhil and I sitting on my old blue plaid couch causing a ruckus because one of us just blew up another in MID AIR! In fact, just watching and listening to the sounds in the above YouTube clip makes me yearn for the days of living in Welch. I am 28 today. Good times.

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