Casting Internets

Janet Lee of the amazing Return Of The Dapper Men (which was written by my boy Jim McCann) drew a cover for Uncanny X-Men #534. I wonder what text she painted the background over. (via CBR)

Norm MacDonald back on television according to TV Guide? Fantastic! It’s on Comedy Central? Not a good sign. (via Pop Candy) Mondo‘s Maniac Cop 2 poster is awesome.

I’ve gone on record as being a gigantic fan of Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, so even if I have some misgivings about it becoming a movie starring Emma Watson, I’m comforted by the fact the Chbosky wrote the screenplay and is also slated to direct. (via /Film)I kind of love Glen Brogan’s Huey Lewis & Dewey artwork he posted on his blog Albino Raven.

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