Digging Double Oh Seven: Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

As I mentioned in my review of Goldfinger, I used to get that movie confused with The Man With The Golden Gun a lot when I was a kid. So, when I would watch that one, I’d wonder where the golden gun was and when I watched this one, I was looking for the lady covered in gold. I know they’re completely different stories–aside from the villains liking gold and both using golden guns–but it’s one of those things that just got stuck in my brain. Anyway, the story this time around pits Bond against an assassin named Scaramanga who kills his victims with a golden gun. The problem this time around is that no one knows who Scaramanga is, what he looks like or where he’s located, so the movie follows Bond–played for the second time by Roger Moore–as he tracks down the villain and then finally starts their battle of wits and bullets.

The pre-credits part of this movie is exactly what I love about Bond movies. A few minutes in and you’ve got a beautiful woman, gorgeous locale, creepy henchman and a villain who routinely has assassins come to his funhouse of a mansion just to see if he’s good enough not to get killed. It’s completely crazy, especially the fact that Scaramanga has a freaking maze built into his house with all kinds of wild light tricks, sounds and whatnot, but this is a movie, not reality. I want to be entertained by all kinds of coolness. As the movie goes on, there’s even a pair of high school ninja girls! This movie has everything awesome.

One thing that always puzzled me about James Bond is how often he uses his real name and face on undercover operations. I know cameras weren’t nearly as ubiquitous then as they are today, but not a single spy snapped this dude’s picture and sent it around to the bad guys? And yet, Bond thinks he can sneak into places with his regular face and just say he’s someone else, as he does with Hai Fat–a man who works with Scaramanga, assuming that they haven’t met face to face. Of course, it didn’t work and he later walked into a trap. You’re one of the most dangerous government agents in the world, bro, the bad guys are going to know who you are. Be more careful!

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