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Hearing about Dwayne McDuffie’s passing on CBR today really saddens me. His works like Milestone, JLU and Deathlok all hold very special places in my heart. RIP Dwayne.

On to less depressing links. Check it out, I wrote a big thing about Conner Kent the current Superboy for MTV Geek, a surprisingly complicated story to suss out.

Not to toot my horn too much, but yesterday’s pic on my Tumblr page is pretty amazing. Go check it out.

Meanwhile, over on Topless Robot, my buddy Jon Gutierrez did a great list about 8 questionable cartoon spin-offs. Personally I’d put Toxic Crusaders at the top of the list because wow, what a difference between source and spin-off.

Kurt Busiek says Superstar will be out this week. I read the first issue way back when Gorilla Comics launched at Mid Ohio Con and have always wondered where that book went. Coolness.

Were you wondering what Soundgarden–one of the more unfortunate lost but surviving bands of the 90s–were up to? Rolling Stone talked to guitarist Kim Thayil to get the dirt.

Hip-hop data mining? I had no idea what that meant until Wired explained it. Pretty interesting stuff. It’s got to be interesting to study a form of music that has a relatively short life that can theoretically be studied in it’s completion. Scott C drew the Toxic Avenger on Showdowns! He continues to astonish.

Finally, /Film reports that Netflix has made a deal with CBS to stream some of their archived shows like Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks, Cheers, Family Ties and the Star Trek franchise. I’m very excited to see all of Twin Peaks. I’ve got the first season on DVD and never got around to getting the second, so I haven’t seen the whole thing. Sounds like a fun watching/blogging experience in the making.

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