Quick Movie Review: The Social Network (2010)

I don’t really know what to say about The Social Network that hasn’t already been said already. Aaron Sorkin’s script is tight as a brand new rubber band and performed amazingly well by whip-smart actors like Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Armie Hammer who should probably be running around a city somewhere playing superhero instead of acting. I honestly barely even noticed Trent Reznor’s award winning score, but director David Fincher did a great job putting everything together.

The most impressive thing about this movie, though, is that it makes legal depositions seem interesting, bordering on thrilling, which is absolutely no small accomplishment. The cutting back and forth between the two lawsuits and various flashbacks is such an interesting choice because it surely confused the crap out of some people. I didn’t know that was the structure going in and got a bit lost here and there, but overall, the story winds up explaining itself well even if it doesn’t make sense for a few minutes. That is a hell of a way to tell a story and kudos go to Sorkin, Fincher and the editors.

On a personal note, the movie was fun to watch because the missus kept trying to remember when Facebook hit our campus in relationship to the company’s founding and expansion. While I didn’t sign up until after we graduated to keep up with some folks, I was still witness to FB landing on Ohio Wesleyan University like some kind strange plague that glued several students into place as they kept searching for every random person they ever went to school with. This was back when you actually had to join up through a university email address (I’m guessing you can just sign up now, but don’t really know). Anyway, I’m guessing me watching this flick is like Mac fans who were buying the first few Apple computers watching something like The Pirates Of Silicon Valley. We’re so related to our technology now that it’s invention is turning into a cultural touchstone that isn’t just interesting but absorbing and nostalgic. Ah, those wistful days in the mid-2000s, how I remember you well through these rose-tinted glasses.

2 thoughts on “Quick Movie Review: The Social Network (2010)

  1. Haha! I also loved this movie. If I could absorb all information in that format, I would. I was an fbook early adopter and, of course, a hopeless Apple fanboy.

    It’s funny you mentioned Pirates of Silicon Valley. I’ve never watched it, but I visited my college roommate in silicon valley in ’08. At the time he had a room in a huge house with a bunch of other geeks. We came home from the bar one night, and three of these kids were on the couch, baked out of their minds, watching Pirates of Silicon Valley. Such a cliche.

    1. Hank made us watch it in his bullshit morality class.

      I think you were three steps away from being the guy from Napster who I had NO idea was involved in Facebook whatsoever.

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