Real World Watcher: Las Vegas Episode 2 “Bottles, Bromance and Broken Hearts”

Well look at that, right after blogging about last week’s first episode of Real World Las Vegas, I was able to catch tonight’s episode at 11PM. That means the review won’t go up until well into Thursday, but at least it’s still the night of, kinda. This episode alleviated some of my fears, encouraged some others and brought an unexpected level of drama to the proceedings, all of which make it a pretty good episode.

We kick off with a kind of recap that, unlike a Jersey Shore episode, doesn’t start with the last few minutes of the previous episode, but instead just involves people talking about stuff. I’ve got no problem with that. So we get the rundown that Adam likes Nany and Dustin digs Heather, there’s even some making out on the parts of the latter with Dustin later pulling Mike aside and talking to him about the situation. Initially I scoffed at this scene because, why would you go to Mike, the recently deflowered, incredibly moral one to talk about girls? It will all make sense why this scene was included by the end. On the Nany/Adam front we find out that Nany came out to Vegas because she had been feeling smothered by Jordy her boyfriend of six years. This answers some of the questions I had last episode about why she would even be kind of interested in Adam, let alone telling him as much.

That night, the gang head out to a club in the Hard Rock (where they’re staying) and everyone seems to be having a good time. Leroy tells Nany that dancing with a dude isn’t cheating. Then I walk away for maybe two minutes and Adam’s breaking something and getting dragged out of the club by three or four bouncers. What shitty timing I have! I found out later that the bouncers came over to take a bottle of Grey Goose (that’s Vodka kids) away from him and he broke it or a glass or something. The guards escorted him all the way back to the suite where Leroy was hooking up with a girl and the rest of the roommates had already gotten back. He got in and immediately started a wet noodle routine that worried Mike even with Dustin telling him not to take on that responsibility. Adam broke something in the room, walked in on Leroy getting down and got kind of all over Naomi and Nany. Finally Nany got him to go to sleep.

The next day he was acting all cool about everything, even though all the roommates–including Leroy–were saying that he should go down and apologize, but Adam thought it was all awesome and that they must be used to this kind of thing because it’s Vegas. Here’s the thing, asshole, Vegas keeps itself awesome by putting douchebag punks like you in your place. You’re lucky this was back in the days of Sinatra and someone didn’t just break your arm and replace you with an Italian dude in a suit. Lo and behold, the assistant security manager or someone knocks on the door, with a buddy, and asks him to come meat up with the full-on security manager. This dude’s not messing around and doesn’t buy Adam’s bullshit. His main problem seems to be that Adam tried to fight the bouncers when they tried removing him. He tells Adam this is his one and only warning. This dude will not last the season. Adam apologize now that he has to.

Adam heads back to the suite and plays the whole thing cool and even blames the club for not cutting him off. No one’s buying his bullshit anymore and even Nany seems to be losing whatever interest she had in him. Until the two of them go out and get sushi with Mike and he tells them that he was a loser in high school and got into drugs. He tells the camera that he’s certain that she’ll like him more when she finds out he was in juvie. I hope Nany proves him wrong. This dude is so full of smug assholeishness, that even when he decides to put all his spending money for the week on a red in a roulette game and wins, I can’t feel excited for him. Anyone else and I would have been jazzed. With him it’s just another case of fortune favoring an asshole. Happens every day, but that don’t mean I want to see it.

For whatever it’s worth, I’m getting a much better vibe from Leroy this episode. Before it seemed like he was just there to meet girls and hook up which really isn’t that entertaining on a basic cable channel. This time around he showed a different side by having fun with the dudes out at the pool and talking to Adam about going down and apologizing to the hotel. I’m sure a big part of it was because he didn’t want it to look bad for him and the other roommates, but it’s still a point of integrity for him. When I was an intern, a fellow intern had some unfortunate behavior at the one bar we went to all the time and we all felt the exact same way. Don’t shit where you eat, dude. That’s a rule to live by. Leroy also asks Mike about his family situation and Mike explains that he started living with his grandma because both his parents went to jail. Later his dad got out and took him back because his grandma was sick, but he got in regular fist fights with his dad and got his ass kicked. To keep himself safe, Mike moved in with a friend and just stayed there. It’s a sad story, but not a particularly uncommon one.

Later a game of Truth Or Dare leads to all kinds of trouble. Everyone’s there except for Dustin who seems to be sleeping next to the phone. Heather says she likes Dustin as more than just a friend. Nany dares Leroy to kiss Naomi’s foot which turns into sucking her toe (he does it). Adam takes his shirt off while straddling Naomi. Mike does pantsless jumping jacks. Leroy kisses Naomi. Leroy dares the girls to triple kiss. It’s all fun and games and then Leroy dares Heather to make out with Mike. Mike’s really uncomfortable with the idea and doesn’t want to do his friend dirty, but that doesn’t stop Heather from walking over and kissing him for a few seconds. Afterwards, the guys are walking around and Mike’s feeling guilty, saying he knows that Dustin’s going to be pissed. Leroy doesn’t think so and decided to bust into the phone room and tell Dustin–who looks like he just woke up–what happened. Dustin doesn’t get immediately pissed and even winds up playing pool with Mike who explains what happened pretty much as it happened. It was all a game right?

Well Dustin doesn’t think so. He feels thrice betrayed, by Leroy, Heather and mostly by Mike (this is why they showed the scene of the two of them taking about Heather in the beginning of the episode). The strangest thing to me is that Dustin doesn’t blame Heather nearly as much as he blames Mike. I think this might be partly because he doesn’t understand the story. I should backtrack a bit. Dustin’s stewing in his own juices for a bit, has a convo with Nany and later with Leroy. While talking to Leroy, Mike busts into the room and is like “It was just a game, get over it.” This sets Dustin off on a tear. He didn’t get violent, but he did keep calling Mike “boy” and “sir” which leads me to believe he’s either southern or British. Anyway, I really liked seeing Mike stand up for himself. There was an exchange after Mike said it was a game where Dustin responded with “Life ain’t a game son” to which Mike exasperatedly replied “Life? You’ve known her four days.” I love this shit. Mike’s essentially the everyman character on the show just looking at these crazy people and commenting on how crazy they are (I noticed this to some extent last episode when the camera kept cutting to his reactions to things he had nothing to do with). Mike lays down some sarcasm that I think Dustin took as an admission of guilt and then leaves the suite while Dustin continues to have what looks like a mild nervous breakdown and then decides to camp out in the confessional instead of returning to the room he shares with Mike.

This is legit drama, I fully approve.

3 thoughts on “Real World Watcher: Las Vegas Episode 2 “Bottles, Bromance and Broken Hearts”

  1. Forgot to mention the shameless plug for Subway, which was even more obvious than last season. Way to go with the product placement including mentioning of the new chicken teryaki, mention of the name half a dozen times, and zoom in on the logo. Way uncool.

    1. Eh, that stuff is pretty common and comes with the territory in the past few seasons. There’s also a clear-door minifridge packed with that new Sun Drop soda and they usually show the name of every club and restaurant they go to. The chicken teriyaki sub is pretty good, though.

  2. Wow, can’t believe Nany didn’t see that debacle with Adam coming from a mile away. That guy is an idiot/child. But Leroy was right in giving her advice to go out on just dance and not worry about her boyfriend, it’s a shame she chose Adam to be the boy to hang out with that night. FYI the clip of that whole scene at Vanity is up at, in case you want to relive more of Adam being an idiot. Ooh also I soo loved that they used MNDR’s song “C.L.U.B.” right as they all rolled up to Vanity, that song makes me want to daaance!

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