Casting Internets

I got to talk to Tim Seeley a little while back about Hack/Slash and the results are now up on CBR. It was a blast.

The lack of video games based on horror icons is pretty shocking. Not since the NES, have we had a Nightmare On Elm Street or Friday The 13th game. Well, The Weinstein Company has just announced a video game branch according to Bloody Disgusting which means you might be able to control Michael Myers or Pinhead sooner rather than later.

Gilda Radner in a comic? More like Young Woman of the Decade, but I won’t quibble with Young Love. Posted on Sequential Crush, via Tom Spurgeon.

Congrats to Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2 for kicking ass at the box office this weekend. Kinda surprised the teenage boy contingent didn’t come out in droves for Sucker Punch, but them’s the breaks.

This pre-release talk with Zack Snyder on Spinoff doesn’t add to my enjoyment of the Sucker Punch, but his theory on why movies and video games are fundamentally different rings pretty damn true.

I kind of want to make out with Mondo‘s Kill Bill poster. Can’t wait for The Whole Bloody Affair to finally be on DVD.

Neil Diamond’s The Bang Years 1966-1968 sounds like a pretty rad record. Wonder how it holds up to other greatest hits discs of his. (via Rolling Stone)

Ron Marz’s Shelf Life from March 10th about his mom almost made me cry. Definitely worth a read for anyone whose parents encouraged them when they were younger.

Reading Jim Shooter’s amazing blog chronicling his career in comics is not only amazing, but makes me wonder if it’s just too damn hard to get into the comic writing game.

Wish my library looked like this. (via Wired)

I watched The Road last night and was bored pretty quickly. I went back and read the review for the not-really-a-horror-movie on Horror Movie A Day and he sums up my thoughts pretty concisely.

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