Even WordPress Is Trying To Trick Me

Sigh. I HATE April Fool’s Day. I’ve never been much of a practical joker and I don’t like having my head played with in real life (I’m all for it in movies, music and the like), so this “holiday” is not for me. In the last few years, it’s like you can’t even read the internet on April 1st because everything is suspect. Don’t even bother going to Think Geek, you’ll just be disappointed. Worst of all, though, now WordPress–the site that hosts my site–is screwing with me. I saw the above chart today and got super excited. I’ve got the occasional huge hit spike, mostly thanks to a post I did about Jersey Shore Halloween costumes of all things. Since I wrote about both the new episode of Big Bang Theory AND the Jersey Shore Reunion episode last night, I got excited. Okay, so maybe too much of my self esteem is caught up in the rollercoaster ride that is my blog hits, but it’s still a cruel trick to show roughly 10 times the hits I actually have so far today. If I’m not too exhausted from figuring out what’s real or not today, I’ll explain why I dislike April Fool’s Day in a little more detail.

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