Jersey Shore Season Three Reunion

The third season reunion of Jersey Shore was pretty weak sauce. Filled with mostly boring rehashes of things that were annoying the first time around, there were only a few highlights to mention. Time for bullet points!

*Mike likes to put the girls he brings back to the house in his clothes so they’re easier to remove.

*Snooki does not look good. Way too orange. She also says whatever was between her and Vinny is dead. Vinny does not agree.

*JWOWW says she should have dumped Tom when she cheated on him with Pauly. She’s still with Roger. She looks fantastic.

*Ronnie has a good point: Sammi was happy when Mike told her that the note was real in season 2, but mad when he told the truth about Sammi and Arvin.

*Ronnie and Sammi are still broken up. Neither of them are saying they’ll never get back together.

That’s about it. I noticed two things about this reunion. Actually, the missus pointed out the first one: the laughter and crowd noise sounded really canned. Second, they should just have Pauly host these things as the woman who does is charmless and just keeps asking the same question in different forms over and over again. I’m glad the season’s over. I need a break. What’s that? Real Housewives Of New York is kicking off at the same time soon? Oi.

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