Live Blogging The Real Housewives Of New York Season 4 Episode 1

After watching the third season of Jersey Shore, I noted that watching reality shows about the same people season after season can be kind of exhausting, especially when the people involved buy into their own hype too much. I think that’s going to be a problem with the fourth season of The Real Housewives Of New York City as well. They lost Bethenny to her own series which is too bad, because now it just feels like a bunch of women (most of which aren’t housewives by the way, but whatever) who hate each other with small factions who hate each other a little bit less. The “on this season of” clip package at the end makes it look like that’s the case throughout the season. I’m not super excited about that, but I’m just going to be live blogging this season and not trying to sum it up. People yelling and fighting with one another isn’t fun for me, but since nothing else is on, I’ll probably watch it for a while. I don’t know if I could make it make more sense than just saying what I did while in the moment. I’ll add time next time so you can play along a little better with reruns. Ugh, the opening credits of this season sounds so terrible and canned.

We open with Ramona & her hubby hanging out with Alex and Simon drinking Ramona’s new wine.

Jill shows up and Alex’s face just freezes. Ramona’s throwing this party.

Alex doesn’t like how Jill is acting like nothing happened. This will get awkward. Ugh, now Alex is heading over there to talk to her and just awkwardly sidles up on Jill talking to another group of people.

Alex instead invites them all to an event where women will be marching across town in their wedding dresses for equal marriage.

Now Kelly and Jill are hanging out. Jill’s making a lot of comments that are clearly about Bethenny.

Jill’s worried about flying for that long. Kelly says she didn’t go to Ramona’s party because Ramona called her crazy.

Now Jill’s directly talking to Kelly about Bethenny and it’s awkward. She says there wasn’t room for her when Bethenny got married. That’s weird, come on. You guys were on the rocks before that. Also, shouldn’t you be happy your friend is successful and happy?

Simon left the hotel to start a social media company which means he and Alex are working together in the same office. She tells him she needs to get the same amount of work done that she did before he started working from home.

Alex signed with a modeling agency? Huh.

Blech, Ramona’s hanging out with Sonja.

Cindy is one of Ramona’s friends, she runs a gallery and has twins. She’s the new HW.

Ah, she lives in the Village. This broad definitely things she’s younger than she is. She owns hair removal spas. Not a housewife. Has 10 month old twin girls. She had invitro (IVF). Thinks she can have it all and does. Except, you know, companionship and love.

HEre’s Jill and her husband.

Cindy’s assistant brings out her twins crazy late at night. That’s weird right? Jill thinks she had a surrogate.

Now the Countess and Kelly show up followed soon after by Alex and Simon.

The artist has them step in paint and walk all over something for some charity thing.

Jill’s talking to Kelly, saying that Cindy couldn’t have had those babies. Cindy walks over and Jill asks her. Cindy banged her ex until they finally conceived, then

Sonja has a young, artist boyfriend.

Ramona’s interviewing potential assistants. Listening to Ramona trying to give advice to young women is kind of awful. This broad is nuts. You’re interviewing an assistant not a gladiator.

Jacques is LuAnn’s boyfriend. They’re out to dinner with Sonja and her boyfriend Brian. They’re weirdly sitting next to their opposite numbers until they switch.

Jesus, Sonja tries far too hard. Of course, this descends into terrible double entendres.

LuAnn’s boyfriend seems nice.

Alex and Simon are spending the weekend in the Hamptons with Ramona. They’re talking about some wedding and that Jill doesn’t know Alex and Simon are going to be there. Jill called Alex and told her she couldn’t do that wedding dress march thing the next day, but Alex checked and Jill’s actually on the board for that charity. Alex and Simon are driving home after the wedding to make the run the next day.

Jill and Bobby show up at the wedding and Jill’s talking about needing spanks. Then we see Alex and Simon show up with Ramona and her husband.

Jill tells the camera her heart dropped when she saw them. Jill doesn’t like that Ramona didn’t tell her Alex was coming.

Alex tells Jill she looked it up and saw that she was on the committee for the walk. Then Jill says she’s on the honorary committee. Ugh, just let it go Alex.

Now Jill’s telling the camera that she’s changed and will always be nice and kind. We’ll see about that…

After the wedding, Ramona decides to tell a story about Cindy’s brother and something involving Cindy’s brother and Ramona’s dead best friend. Cindy and the brother both walked up behind them and Ramona got super flustered.

I just remembered Ramona’s husband is named Mario.

Now Jill’s talking to a few of her friends about the gay marriage walk. She calls Alex a bitch and then says this party is above her. What a ridiculous snob!

I do agree that Alex and Ramona shouldn’t have worn white to the wedding. Haha, then Ramona and Alex walk over to where Jill and these women were sitting.

God, now Alex is pressing more questions with Jill, which is just awkward. I don’t know why she feels compelled to go after Jill all the time. You’re not a detective, it’s cool. Chillax.

Wow, Jill looks awful on Watch What Happens Live.

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