Real World Watcher: Las Vegas Episode 6 “Sexiles/Exiles”

Well, tonight’s episode of Real World: Las Vegas was incredibly frustrating, especially in light of the revelations we found out about in the previous episode. As I’m sure you can imagine after Adam’s drunken rampage in last week’s episode, tonight’s dealt with the aftermath which included lots of broken glass all over the house and even broken light fixtures. Immediately, Nany’s talking about how bad she feels for Adam that he has to go through these kinds of things. Mind you, “these kinds of things” include him punching the wall right next to her face so hard that the next day his knuckles are essentially open sores and possibly broken. Meanwhile, all Adam complains about is that his sneakers, that he just bought, are jacked up. I felt like I wanted to punch this kid and I’m watching this edited and well after the fact, so I can only imagine how angry Leroy was. Befuddled, he can’t understand why everyone seems to cool with Adam’s behavior, especially because he shows no remorse, doesn’t really apologize and says he’ll probably do it again.

That day, they’ve got to head downstairs for their internship and help set up for the Fetish and Fantasy Ball. Everyone seems to work pretty hard, except for Adam who crawls into another room and takes a nap, but not before calling Heather in to make sure she gets him before they leave. Heather earned huge points in my book for telling Adam that he needs to grow up and asking him if he just wants to be a 4o year old dude breaking bottles and being lame. These kids have balls and I like it. Next, the roommates move into another room where they meet fetish model Sasha Sweet. Mike seems pretty smitten with her, but when Dustin goes over to see if she’ll come to their table, Mike literally hides under the table. That doesn’t stop someone from asking her if Mike can touch her boob and she says yes. Then he asks if he can do it again and she agrees. Pretty funny stuff.

From there we jump to the gang all eating together at one of the casino’s restaurants. As you might expect, the conversation veers towards Adam and his destructive behavior. Leroy straight up tells them all that he wants Adam to go home because he’s got no remorse for what he did. He then puts Naomi on the spot, but she gets interrupted by Nany who says that if it happens again, she thinks Adam should go home. Leroy then brings up the very good point that, Adam has said that this could very well happen again, so why not just get rid of him now instead of living through it again. I think Leroy and I would get along really well. Anyway, my brother from another mother gets so frustrated that he just leaves the table. By the way, during this meal, two very large, suited bodyguards key into their room and record the damage with a video camera. Not a good sign for Adam.

We then jump to the Fetish And Fantasy Ball with the gang all dressed up–though oddly enough, we don’t see Mike. Things seem to be going fine and then they try to head into the club and the manager stops Adam and pulls him aside to tell him he’s no longer welcome in the club. He heads back up to the room and the rest of the roommates have a grand ol’ time. By the way, I would like to reiterate that Las Vegas is a town literally founded by mobsters. It is not a place to be trifled with or that has a reputation of letting people off easy. It is not the hometown bar you go to every Saturday night, get sloppy at, break something, get banned from and everything’s cool the next Saturday. They WILL kick you out, if not break your thumbs. This has been a public service announcement based on movies and books and not actual real life experiences.

After they’re done having fun, the roommates return to the room. Leroy doesn’t care that Adam was banned from the club, he wants him to be banned from the hotel. At his literal breaking point, Leroy starts smashing glasses, which gets some of the roommates’ attention and then basically says what Adam says word for word in an attempt to get them to see how ridiculous it is for them to allow this kind of behavior in the house. Nany comes out and yells at him and completely doesn’t get it, which doesn’t make me think much of her. He then cleans it up right away and spends the beginning of the next day working out in the gym while Nany, Dustin and Heather discuss the previous night’s events. I don’t think any of them got it at the time. I really hope that, when looking back on these episodes and her experiences that Nany does actually get it.

While they’re talking, the security manager flanked by two very large dudes in suits–again, don’t mess with Vegas–rings the bell and asks to talk to Adam. They sit down and the man tells Adam he has to leave after being warned once that he better not cause any more trouble. He doesn’t put up any kind of fight. Meanwhile, the roommates all seem pretty shocked by this turn of events except for Leroy. I was kind of shocked when Dustin told the roomies he really thought that this experience would help change Adam. Really? What could have possibly indicated that to you? I guess it’s obvious when watching this thing from a distance all edited together in 45 minute chunks, but it seems pretty evident that Adam was just a big honking liar from day one. Anyway, this leads into Nany being really sad, which is annoying to watch because she goes on this big thing about needing to let her guard down and open up to people. While that certainly is a good lesson to learn, this is not the right course to be learning it in. You were right to keep your guard up because you were dealing with a dude who was trying to bring down your six year relationship from day one.

Of course, like the cockroach he is, Adam isn’t quite gone yet. His friends are staying at Caesar’s Palace, and he goes on a date with Nany the next day that is pretty sickening. It’s shocking how she fell for this dude, but I’m guessing he’s a lot more effective in person than on television. I can feel his slime through the TV. As you might expect, Adam tells Nany all the right things and she winds up in his bed at the other hotel, but there’s no night vision cameras there, so we don’t know what happened. While Nany rides along with Adam to the airport, the rest of the roomies head to Subway. Outside, Dustin goes on a rant about how bad of a boyfriend Adam would make and how stupid Nany is for being into him. He also tells Leroy about Nany’s past of getting hit by men, which he wasn’t around to actually hear. It’s unclear whether one of the other roommates told him this previously.

I know this episode was mostly about Adam and Nany bullshit, but I want to shine the spotlight on my other favorite cast member, Mike. Not only did he touch a porn star’s boob, but he also tried his game on some chick but got shot down because he’s insanely awkward (he was trying to talk about the book he’s reading). Later he plans a game with Leroy before they go out where they get different point amounts for where a girl writes her number on their bodies. At the club, these girls are dancing and giving Mike the eye so he eventually jumps up and one of them writes her number just below his wasteband. He says he feels like a dirty boy and gets kind of upset about it. Back in the room, Leroy tells him that, if he ever pushes Mike too much to be like him, to let him know and even says that being like Leroy isn’t really that cool (ie hooking up with random girls all the time). I think these two really have a solid relationship which is rad. The relationship is so solid, that Leroy doens’t get upset when he brings a girl back to the house and Mike invites her into his living room fort (dubbed Sexiled Island) and asks her to make sex sounds (his sounds like a monkey).

The rest of the episode swirls around the topic of a potential new roommate. The girls want a guy–possibly a gay dude–and the guys want a girl. This conversation is conspicuously Mike-less (is he secretly sneaking off to hook up? that would be awesome), but Leroy and Dustin have apprehensions about a gay roommate, because they worry that the dude wouldn’t be able to control himself around them if they’re walking around with their shirts off or whatever. Oi. The girls point out that they’ve got awfully big egos, so I’m glad someone called them on their bullshit. Later, they get a call from the lobby telling them that the new roommate will be there in an hour and will only say that their name is Cook. There’s a lot of talk back and forth about who it could be, Dustin even calls Adam to tell him which was kind of weird. Then they leave it on a cliffhanger! Of course, they ruin the cliffhanger immediately by showing us the next episode ad which reveals that it’s a girl who is apparently there to have a good time and step on toes. Fights are a-brewing.

While writing this up, I also caught the aftershow which featured Adam, Leroy, Nany, Mike and Naomi in that order (with Mike and Naomi coming out together towards the end). Adam still talks about how much he regrets losing Nany, but never really seems to feel sorry for anything he did. Nany comes out later and says how she feels like she got played (thank god) and that she’s disgusted with how Adam had been plotting her breakup from the beginning. She also says that they didn’t have sex and that she now sees that Leroy was looking out for her like a brother. That’s about it. I hope Nany stops moping around and Adam stays away, but I don’t think either of those things will happen. A boy can dream, though, can’t he?

2 thoughts on “Real World Watcher: Las Vegas Episode 6 “Sexiles/Exiles”

  1. Nice work on these recaps. I was hoping they would go all old Vegas on Adams ass and hold him over the edge of the building by his ankles while he got read the ban from the Hard Rock. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey thanks a lot, it’s always great to hear from a reader.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if they DID go old school Vegas on him and just made sure it wasn’t on camera. There’s gotta be a room at the airport for that kinda stuff, right?

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