Real World Watcher: Las Vegas Episode 9 “Guys Who Like Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Sex””

My apologies to the folks who come to this site just to read my in-depth reviews and summaries of each Real World episode. Our daughter was born a week ago today, which meant our TV watching schedule was thrown all off. I did however wind up seeing last week’s episode in a few chunks out of order. I wasn’t able to take notes, but figured I’d do a quick write-up. Mind you, I’m still a little sleep deprived and I missed bits and pieces, so there’s probably things I missed, so bare with me. Hit the jump to see what I remember happened. Considering how intense the previous episode was with Dustin’s online past getting exposed, the most recent one seemed somewhat lighthearted. I missed the very beginning of the episode, but I surmised I missed the part where Dustin explained that his buddies were coming to visit. So, they’re there and two somewhat important things happened: Cooke hooked up with one of Dustin’s boys and Dustin showed his boys the website he was on. They all seemed to take it in stride, which was refreshing considering how crappily his roommates treated him. Dustin’s friends kind of popped in and out for the rest of the episode, but didn’t really matter too much.In other Dustin news, he was still testing the waters with Heather to see if there was going to still be anything between them. They had a few conversations back and forth, but Heather basically said they were done. For Dustin, this means it’s time for him to go and “do him” as the kids say today. This leads him to head to a club with Cooke towards the end of the episode where they seem to be getting very friendly and wind up making out in the cab on the way home. Now, I can see where Dustin is coming from, not wanting to pine after someone who says they’re not interested anymore. But, I’ve got a few problems with the way he’s going about things. First off, it’s been like two days since the news broke. If he was really interested in Heather, he should probably give her a little more time to see if that wound can be healed. My other problem is that hooking up with a roommate that Heather already had problems with is just bad form. It might be time to be all about yourself, but that’s a pretty cold move. Before this little event, though, there was some real weirdness/hotness going on. The girls all decided that they were going to have some hot tub time when the boys went down to the club. To set the mood, Dustin and Mike set up a bunch of candles in the hot tub room. Heather said something about her and Nany being horny, wanting to soak in the hot tub and drink champagne. This leads to a pretty long stretch of flirting, making out and probably a few other things between Nany and Heather. At first it was kind of cool, but after a while it just seemed sad to me. Nany’s missing her asshole semi boyfriend Adam and Heather is all confused about Dustin so what do they do? Get plastered and fool around with one another. Afterwards, Nany looked like she could barely stand or talk and Heather started crying to Dustin. The irony of her making out with a girl and feeling bad about it is not lost on Dustin who even said they were in the same boat (to the camera at least). I think this was before she told him they were done, but can’t quite remember. Their whole dynamic is screwed up and will only get stranger when Heather finds out about him and Cooke which I think will be happening in the next episode.

The other huge part of the episode revolved around Naomi and Leroy. They went to hook up one night and it was really painful for Naomi, so they stopped. Apparently they had been having unprotected sex with one another and Naomi was worried that she might be pregnant and have an STD because her period was also late. When she told him, Leroy acted very standoffish and was nervous about talking to her about it. He told the camera–and later Naomi herself–that he really just didn’t know how to handle the situation. Naomi went to a clinic and first found out she wasn’t pregnant and later that she didn’t have an STD. I can’t imagine how terrifying that waiting period must have been and wish Leroy had been more of a stand up dude and gone with her. But also, why didn’t any of her supposed best girl friends in the house go along with her for moral support? Aren’t they supposed to be like sisters or some nonsense? Maybe she didn’t want them to come with her or maybe Nany’s just a selfish jerk who wants to worry about her bullshit relationship and gossip about her friends instead of being a legit good person. Anyway, Naomi and Leroy wound up having a heart to heart, he apologized and she accepted. I’m not sure if they’re going to keep hooking up, but it seemed like they both learned some kind of lesson. Considering everything that’s gone on this season, I think this might be one of the best seasons of Real World in quite some time. When I say best, I don’t mean most salacious, but the most real. Sure, dealing with long-hidden secrets, sexual abuse, pregnancy scares, negligent parents, mental illness, alcohol and rage problems might not be commonplace for everyone, but they are issues that exist and plenty of people can relate to them. I’m pretty surprised to be writing all that, especially after being so down on the first episode and worrying that it would just be another Jersey Shore. There’s still a good deal of partying, fighting and sex going on–which are also part of life–but the other events really balance the show out better than it’s felt in a while.

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  1. TJ, I am noticing that you are smiling again – I think maybe you found your joy!!!

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