Real World Watcher: Las Vegas Episode 11 “Oh Yeah, Mexico, Yeah”

I’ve said a few times that I’m impressed with how real this season of Real World has been and I still stand by that, but the problem with getting so invested in these people and their lives is when they wind up disappointing you. Mike really let me down this episode. He seems to be harboring some deep, deep anger towards Dustin and it finally explodes in this episode. He tosses out a few possible reasons for this, but you didn’t think I’d give them away in the intro did you? Hit the jump to see what happened. This episode was a doozy. The episode kicks off with the gang talking to their intern coordinator. Apparently, their last task was to come up with a charitable idea. Mike looks to have taken lead on this (we’ve never seen them talk about it in any other capacity prior to this, so it’s really hard to tell) and tosses out a bunch of ideas during the meeting. Then Dustin jumps in with his ideas, many of which are pretty good. Since we’ve never heard of this even before, as viewers we’re left to wonder why Mike is getting so upset (shooting daggers across the table at Dustin as he talks). A little bit of context might have been a bit more emotionally informative, but what are you gonna do? On the way back from the meeting (oh, they want to do something with music because schools have cut music programs) Mike tells Dustin he’s not sure if Dustin will be able to go into the school because of his internet past. Dustin doesn’t blow up, but is clearly upset by Mike’s comments. Mike claims to have been genuinely  concerned for Dustin, but let’s be real, there’s no way you say something like that without wanting to cut the other person at least a little. After this kerfuffle, which is pretty tame compared to the rest of the episode, Mike’s talking on the phone with someone and posits that he dislikes Dustin because he thinks they’re so similar and that he holds Dustin up to the same standards he holds himself to. It’s an interesting theory, but I subscribe to the one that comes up at the end of the episode.Nany’s only briefly important in this episode, so I’ll just combine both of her moments here. Early in the episode, the guy she has looking for her dad tells her he found him and that he’s living in Miami. He’s heading to Miami to meet with her dad and offers to take a letter from her, so we see her write that. Nany actually came off alright in this episode and I hope her dad is amenable to meeting her. I hope we see some kind of resolution to that story this season. Seems like it will otherwise, why bother keeping it in the season? At the end of the episode, Nany gets word from Adam via Skype that he’s going to come for a visit and will be staying at the hotel across the street from them. I’m sure that will end in happiness and not tears. Right after Nany talked to her investigator, we see a man deliver a letter to the group that almost causes a stampede in the suite. They’ve finally gotten word about their trip. Sun Drop–the soda that has clearly been sponsoring the season–is sending them to Cancun to hang out at their Sun Drop beach party. Thankfully, they don’t waste too much time in getting the gang to Mexico, though the girls do go to the sex store in the Hard Rock for some reason. They get to their next opulent and awesome hotel suite and talk about how fantastic it is as they’re given Sun Drop gift bags. From here we get a montage of them snorkeling, riding wave runners, parasailing, driving boats and the like. They head out on a big boat and have more fun, it looks like Heather and Dustin are basically back together. This bugs Mike to no end.

Enough fun stuff, though, let’s hit the club! Actually, this one’s not so bad. Cooke meets some Australian dude and winds up taking him back to the suite. Leroy and Nany decided it’s a good idea to bust into their room and embarrass all parties. Who does that? The Australian must think all Americans are cads. Anyway, the NEXT night things get crazy. Dustin basically showed up to the club already trashed. He’s pouring drinks places and trying to get in fights with cab drivers out on the street. It’s a mess and he’s acting like the kind of ass hole American that I imagine people think of when they think of people from the States (him sounding like a cowboy already doesn’t help matters). Back at the hotel, Mike’s pissed about Dustin’s shenanigans and decides to tell Dustin this as soon as he gets home. Now, fans of the show will remember that, when Dustin’s drunk and angry he gets super redneck, calling everyone son and bitch. That’s exactly what happened this time around as he got in Mike’s face. Almost immediately, Mike tells Dustin to just hit him and get it over with. There’s lots of shouting and Mike calling Dustin a child and whatnot. It looks like Dustin punches Mike, but the camera angle is from directly behind Mike, so what you see is Dustin’s arm moving towards Mike and Mike flinching backwards. I’m assuming Mike didn’t actually get hit because it’s clear he wanted to get slugged so he could send Dustin home. There was some pushing and then they finally got separated. Just in time for a commercial break! We see Dustin looking contemplative out on the balcony before and after the break and then heading back into the suite. Mike apparently looks at him some way which sets Dustin off. Mike yells back and they’re right back at it. Dustin brings up Mike’s comment about him not being able to go to the school. Mike sits down and Dustin knocks his chair over, but that’s as bad as it got. Mike claims to be innocent in all this and that Dustin hates him, but I just don’t see it. Mike seems to react to something in Dustin very viscerally and that causes him to go nuts on him at every turn. He doesn’t seem to do this to anyone else in the house, so what is it about Dustin? Well, after they got back from Cancun, Mike tells Cooke he thinks it’s because Dustin reminds him of his dad who was a very emotional person. THAT makes sense. Whatever the reason though, Mike was obviously baiting Dustin trying to get a rock solid reason to send him home. The fact that he got so upset when Leroy called him on this the next day was kind of shocking. He had a similar reaction to Cooke. He couldn’t believe that he was being seen as the bad guy. What Mike doesn’t seem to get is that, it’s not that he decided to confront Dustin, it’s that he did it when he was drunk and also that that comment about the school was a pretty low blow (Dustin said that he felt completely thrown off balance by the comment and it’s implications). I’ve also got to give Dustin a lot of credit for not hitting Mike. I kind of expected it, but wasn’t surprised that he held back. The next day, we get the Sun Drop party. After being subjected to their weirdly disturbing “Drop It Like It’s Hot” commercial for the past 11 weeks, I’m glad this kind of backfired in their faces. The roomies did their best to have a good time–well, except for Mopey Mike–but all it all it was whatever. They head home, Mike complains to Cooke some more and Nany finds out about Adam coming. That’s about it.Oh, I nearly forgot, all the roommates went to talk to the high school class, but Mike did not. He said he didn’t want to be around Dustin and so this was a good way. Really? You’re going to let your bullshit get in the way of this charity that helps kids? Lame. The missus sided with Mike in this episode (or at least thought Dustin was being a douche, which I don’t necessarily disagree with) but I’m still in Dustin’s corner. Yes, he was being a complete drunk ass in Cancun and that was not cool at all, but why didn’t Mike get this upset when Adam acted way worse than this. Initially I liked Mike’s morality and outspokenness, but all this baiting, his brooding the next day and his inability to see any of this from anyone’s perspective but this speaks to something else. His dad was abusive to him, so it makes sense that he would generalize the feelings for his dad to Dustin, but that’s the kind of thing he needs to work through. Also, I’m not exactly sure why he repeated to different people that Dustin should be in jail. His dad was in prison, so maybe it’s more of that, but dude needs to check himself.

4 thoughts on “Real World Watcher: Las Vegas Episode 11 “Oh Yeah, Mexico, Yeah”

  1. While I get that baiting Dustin was not acceptable, I do find it interesting that you are condoning Dustin’s out of control behavior. This is a grown man and he did not just get into it with Mike. He tried to pick fights with others as well so while Mike already had tension with him, it does not change the fact that Dustin was being an out of control douchebag and I agree with Mike on that part. In any other place, the police would have been called and Dustin would have been in jail.

    I am not a fan of Mike because he did talk crap and taunt Dustin, but that does not give Dustin the right to get so drunk he becomes a ticking time bomb. As for using Adam as an example, it does not help your explanation of why you are siding with Dustin aka the douchebag. I would not side with either of them personally. One was baiting and the other was completely erractic in his behavior. Yes, Adam was worse, but that is certainly not a good example. The whole, it could have been worse excuse does not take away from what happened and Adam did get sent home so you would think Dustin would learn from his mistakes. I think Mike does see a lot of his father in Dustin because Dustin does get drunk and act like he has lost his mind. Mike has to come to terms with his issues but so does Dustin.

    1. I don’t mean to disregard Dustin’s role in this whole thing. He definitely was in the wrong getting too drunk and acting like a hooligan, but it didn’t seem like he did anything to break the law. Had he actually gotten in a fight instead of just talking about one (either with the cab driver or Mike) it would be a completely different story. As far as I’m concerned, it’s far worse to be sober and conniving than to be drunk and mouthy.

      I do get why Mike would not want to be around Dustin because he reminds him of his dad, but maybe sitting down and talking about it would be a good idea. It’s hard to judge all this because we haven’t really been shown a lot of what went down between Dustin and Mike (or maybe it’s all been blown out of proportion in Mike’s mind, who knows?). A lot of it just seems to have come out of nowhere.

  2. Dustin was out of control before he came home and the cab driver could have called the police for public intoxication. In the US you cant be drunk and out of control in public even outside of a club or bar. Plus Mike could have called the cops for Dusting threatening him and trying to attack him. It does not matter if he didnt land a punch. If he felt like he was in danger, he could have easily called security or the police for help and Dustin would have been in trouble. To me, violence outweighs taunting or scheming. Dustin is an adult so he should act like one. Getting so drunk that he cannot control how he acts is unacceptable and shows a complete lack of respect for himself and all of his roommates. He lacked all accountability for his actions and I did see Mike’s view on that. Dustin acted like an ass and the roommates did not care enough to truly let Dustin know it better not happen again….at least not that we saw. From what we saw, Dustin went on a rampage after getting drunk, it pissed Mike off so he started taunting him, and Mike get’s talked about because of it. I could see it from both sides but Dustin should have apologized for his stupidity. He could have easily hit one of the females or pushed one of them to get to Mike. I felt the same way about Adam. He deserved to be sent home and while Dustin wasnt as bad, he certainly did show his true colors. I found it ironic that he went on a rampage of cussing, screaming, and trying to fight because he thought Mike saw him as a monster. That is not the best way to prove his point and in fact it made him look even worse.

    I do agree that we do not know all of the story, but you cant blame that on Mike or Dustin. This is reality TV, everything is clipped and cut in a way to just show the drama even if that means cutting out things that actually show what led up to it. Dustin and Mike could have been at it for a while but the producers decided not to show it. There have been plenty of old castmates who complained about MTV making things look completely different than they were.

    1. I see where you’re coming from, but disagree on one important point. There’s a huge difference to me between the threat of violence and the act itself. I think we disagree on this from a philosophical standpoint, which is cool, but that’s where I’m coming from. Sure Dustin was talking tough, but it looked to me like, if he really wanted to, he could have pushed the girls aside and gotten to Mike. He didn’t though. He showed some self control, though not enough to stop himself from getting too drunk to function earlier in the evening. Had he actually hit Mike or accidentally knocked over one of the girls or something along those lines, I’d be right there with you, but that didn’t happen. Dustin acted like a jackass, no doubt about it. But Mike took advantage of that situation in my book which is also a jackass move.

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