Ad It Up: Operation Galactic Storm

Much like the original Secret Wars ad I wrote about a few weeks back, I have almost no knowledge of Operation: Galactic Storm The Kree Shi’ar War. That’s one heckuva long title for a crossover, huh? Anyway, I’m guessing that, much like with that ad, I would be a little disapointed reading it because this ad looks rad. That’s a great combination of characters with some wild, Kirby-esque villains looming in the background. What’s not to like?

3 thoughts on “Ad It Up: Operation Galactic Storm

    1. I’m not sure actually. Ben might know. I just love how big and bold and iconic all the characters look. It doesn’t matter that that’s not really Thor or that Iron Man’s armor is kinda different or that Wonder Woman always makes me giggle no matter what he wears, that looks like a solid team that could handle just about anything.

    2. Certainly looks like Big John, but could very likely be early Steve Epting as that was around when he was drawing Avengers and his style back then had heavy Buscema influences.

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