Blogging Big Bang Theory S5 “The Pulled Groin Extrapolation”

As I mentioned in my gigantic TV post for last week, I caught the first two Big Bang Theory episodes of the fifth season while on vacation, but didn’t take any notes or blog about them. Here’s how the story broke down: Sheldon gets obsessed with toy trains especially the small ones, Bernadette tries living with Howard at his mother’s house and Leonard and Amy wind up hanging out and going to a wedding together.I gotta say, I wasn’t really a fan of tonight’s episode because I think they went a little too broad and goofy with most of the characters. The Sheldon stuff started off fairly normal–normal for Sheldon at least–but got a little obsessive and weird. However, he saved the episode for himself when he karate chopped Leonard. The Howard and Bernadette stuff was the worst for me, which I hate saying because I really like them together and as their own characters. See, Howard assumed he and Bernadette would move in with his mother after they got married. After arguing about this, Bernadette agrees to a trial weekend staying there. I could buy into the idea for a little while, but when Howard says his mom cuts his meat for him I was out. I know that it’s a comedy and they’re going for hyperbole to get laughs, but you lose me when it gets super lame. Plus, I have a thing about people who aren’t independent. Even so, there was a moment towards the end of their arc where Bernadette and Howard’s mother are talk-yelling to each other that’s hauntingly funny. On the other hand, I did like seeing Amy and Leonard hanging out. It’s not nearly as funny as the early episodes when just Penny and Sheldon were alone, but fun enough. There’s a whole different dynamic with these characters, yet it’s familiar because Amy’s not too far off from Sheldon. Seeing them together at a wedding together and doing the funky chicken was a nice treat. Even better was seeing Sheldon get threatened by Leonard after he mentioned his injured groin obliquely and its relation to Amy and karate chop his roommate in the neck. From the nerd side of things, you got to see some new or at least not regularly seen angles of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment as well as a few new things in Howard’s room. I think I saw a DC New Frontier poster in the apartment and a bunch of posters and statues I hadn’t noticed before in Howard’s place like a movie Silk Spectre bust and a Mirror’s Edge poster among other things. The one thing that really stumped me though was Leonard’s shirt in the beginning of the episode. It’s yellow with what looks like a superhero wearing a red costume of some kind. It looked almost like Captain Marvel or Magnus Robot Fighter, but I couldn’t get a good look at it. So, overall it wasn’t a great episode, though anyone that relegates Sheldon and Penny to B and C plots tends to get that way for me. Even in the plots I thought were too much there were moments that had me laughing pretty hard, so they’re doing something right, I’d just like to see things a little more focused.

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