Real World Watcher: San Diego Episode 1 “First Impressions’

These Real World season premieres are always a little hard to write about because we’re all on the same footing when it comes to know who these folks are and trying to figure them out. It didn’t help that there was some pretty fast cutting between roommate meet-ups in the beginning of the episode. Now that I think about it, I kind of liked that aspect. Seeing people at home or in their audition tapes can skew your view of them. Experiencing them as their roommates are doing is kind of interesting. Puts us ALL on the same footing.

Anyway, here’s a quick run down. Priscilla’s 19 and lives in San Diego. She’s a total momma’s girl and seemingly dense. Nate looks like your party time goober stereotype, but he’s actually studying nuclear engineering in school. Alexandra went to Stanford, was born in Zimbabwe, has a boyfriend names Byron and comes off as very naive. Frank, who is bi, is in love with Alexandra and hates that she has a boyfriend. He seems to have pretty intense issues with love and is borderline obsessed with Alexandra. Sam’s a lesbian who dressed like a boy. She comes off as the 14 year old version of one. Zach’s a big dude from a conservative town, that’s about all we got from him, a lot of uncomfortable looks. Ashley’s the pretty blonde who is also a model. She likes Zach. I think that’s about it. Nate and Frank are in the same room as are Sam and Zach. The other three girls are in another room. As you’d expect, the place is pretty amazing looking.

Most of the episode focuses on the cast members getting to know each other, but there are a few moments of interest, most of which revolve around Frank in one way or another. His obsession with Alexandra includes grabbing the phone while she’s on it with her boyfriend and telling him how beautiful she is. Alexandra thinks these are just nice compliments (head slap). Later they’re all at a club and she’s talking to some dude about tattoos and Frank comes up and starts giving her trouble about it. After that some girl who was drinking their hooch calls him the F word (the longer one) which sets him off. Back at the house Frank has a mini meltdown asking Alexandra if it’s because he’s not cute enough. She explains that she’s got a boyfriend and it’s not happening. Dude’s borderline obsessed, seriously.

Frank also got involved with Priscilla and Nate. See, one night everyone but the two of them went out to get liquor but wound up hitting up a club. They were talking in bed and the next thing we know, he’s on top of her and they’re making out. The next day, Priscilla tells Frank that he went for the downstairs bonanza and she asked him to stop, which we did see and he did. But Frank took this as a big affront or something and proceeded to tell Alexandra and then confront Nate about it. Nate thanks him for checking him and apparently they’re all good. As Alexandra points out, it’s difficult to know peoples’ boundaries so early. Good point. Mind you, on the very first day, Frank jumped in a shower that Sam, Ashley and Priscilla were in to spray off after a round of hot tubbing completely naked much to Sam’s chagrin.

So, it looks like Frank’s going to be the emotional powder keg of the group, which will be interesting. I must be getting old, though, because I’m not as interested in seeing the fireworks it’ll cause, but in him getting the kind of counseling help he seems to need. There’s also hinting at Nate having a drinking problem and maybe a few fights here and there. No one really stands out as being particularly interesting, they all seem to be trying a little too hard. Where’s the artist soul like my brother from another mother and influence Jason from Boston. Sigh.

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