Ad It Up: Thundercats, Misty & Care Bears

Have you guys ever heard of Meet Misty? I did a modicum of research (looking at the first page of results on both Google and Wikipedia) and came up with nothing, so I have no idea who or what she is aside from the description in this ad that she is “the soap-opera superstar who’s setting the world on fire!” So, I’m guessing she’s a pyromaniac on the run after burning down the set up her last soap opera. I get the impression from the Comic Vine entry that she was some sort of Barbie rip-off. It’s interesting that she’s sandwiched between two pretty heavy hitters in the world of children’s entertainment with the Thundercats and Care Bears. Maybe they weren’t a big deal yet? Maybe Marvel was trying to up Misty’s presence by putting her with the big dogs? Not sure. For whatever it’s worth, the ad–scanned from the second issue of the 1985 Punisher miniseries–is actually advertising the Star Comics line-up that included these guys and not necessarily animated series’ though many of the Star comics were based on TV shows.

One thought on “Ad It Up: Thundercats, Misty & Care Bears

  1. I came across this ad in an old Conan comic and went looking. The lack of info, confirmed by your own failed search here, leads me to believe that its just a comic book original, and never had a show of any sort.

    No one’s ever heard of a show, and I can’t imagine no one from our generation not having a theme song cataloged on Youtube somewhere.

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