Halloween Scene: My Horror Toys Part 2

Last week, I showed you all a detailed view of half of the mostly-monsters toys I lined up in my office this year to get into the Halloween spirit. The first batch included a Masters Of The Universe Classics giant, one of Jack Kirby’s hottest creations, Buffy, a trio of Stranger Things characters, my guy Beetlejuice, a pair of Hellboys and horror icons like Frankenstein’s Monster, Freddy Krueger and Pinhead! Want to see who else made the cut [cue cleaver chopping sound effect]?

Enter, if you dare…

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Thundercats Mumm-Ra’s Tomb Fortress

Whoa. I think the above commercial featuring LJN’s Mumm-Ra’s Tomb Fortress mini-playset might be the creepiest thing ever done with Thundercats. I have no recollection of this piece existing, which is probably good because I would have lusted after it hardcore. I love that Mumm-Ra quick change feature as well as what look like a giant statue with moving arms.

It took me a few viewings of this commercial to realize that the ad-makers use some trickery to make this seem like a much larger playset than it is. Still, it looks like a fun addition to any Thundercats collection.

Ad It Up: Thundercats, Misty & Care Bears

Have you guys ever heard of Meet Misty? I did a modicum of research (looking at the first page of results on both Google and Wikipedia) and came up with nothing, so I have no idea who or what she is aside from the description in this ad that she is “the soap-opera superstar who’s setting the world on fire!” So, I’m guessing she’s a pyromaniac on the run after burning down the set up her last soap opera. I get the impression from the Comic Vine entry that she was some sort of Barbie rip-off. It’s interesting that she’s sandwiched between two pretty heavy hitters in the world of children’s entertainment with the Thundercats and Care Bears. Maybe they weren’t a big deal yet? Maybe Marvel was trying to up Misty’s presence by putting her with the big dogs? Not sure. For whatever it’s worth, the ad–scanned from the second issue of the 1985 Punisher miniseries–is actually advertising the Star Comics line-up that included these guys and not necessarily animated series’ though many of the Star comics were based on TV shows.

Halloween Post Mortem

Hopefully everyone had a fun Halloween. I had a pretty great weekend. After watching five horror movies on Friday and chopping up 16 small pumpkins for seeds, the missus and I hung out. She’s a big fan of ghost/haunting shows, so we watched a lot of those plus some Soup action which is always fun. That night, she carved her skeleton pumpkin. On Saturday, while the missus worked on a rad Rubick’s Cube cake for the 80s themed Halloween party we went to that night, I worked on my Lion-O pumpkin and watched TV. Above you can see our costumes. I was pretty lazy and went as Magnum P.I. (only needed to buy the mustache) and the missus, like many of the other ladies at the party, went as an 80s chick. She put way more effort into her costume than I did mine, I didn’t even trim the mustache like I should have. The party was also a surprise 30th birthday party for our friend Sharon. After the big surprise, we hung out, drank some drinks (well, I did, not the missus) and then played some beer pong. Amy–the hostess of the party along with her husband John who was dressed as Doc Brown from Back to the Future–and I teamed up for some pretty epic wins. Super extra mega bonus points for getting eyeball ping pong balls. Had lots of drinks and a great time. On Sunday, I woke up with a headache which is a good indicator of a fun night. We spent all day watching more ghost shows and then passed out candy all night. I also cooked a bunch of the pumpkin seeds. I accidentally bumped the temperature on the oven up a hundred degrees which lead to a bunch of burnt seeds, but we still got a good harvest. The missus and I traded off on handing out candy, it went pretty well for the most part. We only had a handful of douchey older kids who didn’t wear costumes. I gave them Chiclets. Finally, here’s my Lion-O pumpkin all lit up, you can see it in the daylight here. I used my dremmel on this bad boy and scraped the hell out of the inside in hopes that the light would shine through the hair. It all worked out pretty well. One kid even asked if it was God, which is way too awesome. We’ve got a good deal of extra candy and I’m looking forward to watching some non-horror movies, though I had a great time with that double feature project I did this month.

Toy Commercial Tuesday: Thundercats

I’m kind of shocked I haven’t done a Thundercats TCT yet, but here you have it. I loved the Thundercats as a kid, moreso the cartoon than the toys, though I do have a few like Mumm-Ra, Lion-O, Bengali and Tygra in my collection as well as the Tusk Warrior. Anyway, the concept was a lot of fun and I liked when they started adding new characters. I was also excited around the time I was in 8th grade or so when Cartoon Network announced they’d be bringing the show back as reruns. I loved coming home from school, heating up a Hot Pocket, grabbing a Dr. Pepper and watching a show I was heavily nostalgic for and yet still enjoyed even those few years later (a 12 year old with nostalgia is an interesting thing). Anyway, I dig this commercial because it’s got a lot of new characters in it who had recurring guest spots. Man, maybe I should get my hands on those T-Cats DVDs…

News Of The Day: New Thundercats Cartoon!

HOOOOOOOOly crap! According to Crave Online, Warner Bros. Animation is currently working on a brand new anime-ized Thundercats cartoon. While not many details were given in the press release (hit the link to read the full thing), the new Thundercats will be helmed by the same people who do the incredibly fantastic Batman: Brave And The Bold. This will also most likely mean a new line of action figures! Can’t wait to see the show and get my hands on a brand new Lion-O and Panthro.