Real World Watcher San Diego Episode 8 “Stolen Show, Stolen Hearts, Stolen Motorcycles”

Tonight’s episode of Real World San Diego was so mild and almost nice, that I assumed something big and terrible would be happening next time. Maybe someone would get arrested or kicked out for fighting, something along those lines. That’s what I’ve been trained to think after watching over a decade of Real Worlds. If the “next time on” ad is to be believed, it’s nothing so drastic, but the events did actually leave me with a dropped jaw. Of course, to find out what those events are, you’ll have to read through this post (or go look online, I’m sure it’s somewhere). If you’re of the reading kind, hit the jump and see what happened. The episode had three main parts: Priscilla dealing with unresolved feelings towards her ex Dylan, Alexandra playing her first show with her band and then some hijinks during a contest for their job at the House of Blues. I’ll talk about the easiest one first. Alexandra’s band is called Alex and the Hats. They’re actually pretty damn good. I would easily buy their record on Amazon for a couple bucks. They practiced at the house and then the day of the show–which was outside of a nearby surf shop–all the roommates came out to see them play. After seeing some previous cast members with actual talent wuss out, I’m glad she’s at least doing something. Also, what kind of cube drum was her percussionist play? At first I thought he was just using a box because he didn’t want to lug his drum kit over to the house, but he played it at the gig too. Never seen anything like that.

The contest thing was so goofy and dumb, I first thought it was one of those quick between-commercial thingies, but it took up enough time to get written up here. Earlier in the episode the gang went to work where they were informed that they’d be walking around with those square bar code type things that you scan with your phone. Whoever got the most scans would win $500. Zach, Nate and Frank all team up to get Ashley scanned the most so they can split the cash. After that we find out, via Alexandra, that $500 could do a lot of good for her family members back in Zimbabwe. Of course, this didn’t make what became known as Team Purple, decide not to go through with their dumb plan on the day of the event. One of their bosses caught on pretty quickly to the stupid ruse and later, when they had their next meeting, the bosses wound up giving the cash to Alexandra because, when Team Purple’s numbers were averaged out, she did way better. Kudos.

So, the main focus of the episode is the not-super-interesting relationship between Priscilla and her ex Dylan. I didn’t blog about last week’s episode, but I did see it. Basically, he’s a geeky dude who went off to college and stopped talked to her altogether. They spend a bunch of time together in this episode and it seems pretty clear that Pri is over him (there’s a complete lack of chemistry there) but she’s still maybe holding on to the memory of the old feelings she had for him. At the end of the episode, she says she just really doesn’t want to date him right now. Good for her, he’s definitely the reacher there and I think he might have realized it when he went to school.

The closest thing to drama in the episode came when the brain trust that would be known as Team Purple decided to mess with Dylan’s motorcycle on the way home from Alexandra’s gig. To Dylan’s detriment he happened to park his bike in front of the house of a man who loves a good prank. He not only suggests that they move the bike into his driveway, but also throws a tarp over it. When Dylan comes back, he understandably freaks out and starts talking to the cops. Back at the house Team Purple finds this out. Zach seems to be getting freaked out, but Frank doesn’t mind. They walk over to Dylan talking to the cops and Frank does some impressive and scary lying right in front of Dylan and the cops. Eventually, and only after the man in the house gets involved, do they tell him it’s all a joke. And that’s that. In the big “this season on” thing they did last week, I remember them showing the bike prank followed by Frank getting handcuffed. I thought he might have gotten in trouble for wasting a cop’s time, but that wasn’t the case, which means he will be getting taken away for something eventually.

So, the big reveal for next week’s episode is that Frank winds up in bed with someone who is not Mike. The only mention of Mike in tonight’s episode was when a very needy and creepy Frank called him before going to the initial House of Blues work meeting where they found out about the bar codes. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it was something along the lines of him having called a bunch of times and Mike not responding. Could this play into his infidelity? Not sure, but I was shocked considering how awesomely into Mike he said he was. I guess we’ll have to see how all that plays out.

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