Real World Watcher San Diego Episode 11 “Tick, Tick, Cabo-oom!”

I’ve missed a pair of episodes of Real World San Diego and haven’t really missed it. The reason? Well, it was pretty well summed up by watching the second of a pair of new ones last night. As much as I’ve slagged Ashley and Zach for being close-minded borderline bigots who care not for being a part of something larger, which is presumably what they signed up for when they decided to be on the friggin’ Real World, I’m sick of Frank’s needy bullshit. Even when the roomies get sent to Cabo San Lucas, the entire episode is driven by Frank’s insecurities and his obvious longing to be besties with a pair of people who clearly have no interest in him or the rest of the roommates. At one point in the episode, Frank actually approaches them and says something along the line of “Don’t take it out on them because you don’t want to hang out with me.”

It’s no big surprise that the emotionally damaged Frank–who glommed on to first Alexandra and then the dude whose name I can’t recall right now he was dating–is borderline obsessive about the people who want nothing to do with him, but it’s also annoying. I don’t like siding with Zach and Ashley about anything, but I get how they want to enjoy their time together because they like each other. I still think they’ve been able to build a castle around themselves that keeps anything from getting in or out (anyone feel like they know Ashley? I doubt it, she’s a blank slate waiting to be filled by Zach). At the end of the day, this trio has come off as repetitive and annoying. They’re all playing their roles and it’s getting dull because I’ve seen too many shows like this. I’m glad the season is wrapping up next week and hope we’ve got an interesting Challenge coming up, because I’d rather watch familiar faces fill the reality show archetypes than these pretenders to the throne of mediocrity.

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