Christmas Stories: Why Is Best Buy Being So Mean To Santa?

Seriously, who thought getting mean ladies to pick on Santa Claus, the bringer of joy to millions, would make for a great ad campaign this holiday season. I get that they’re trying to be funny and there’s nothing wrong with the concept itself, but when you’re trying to get laughs off of one of the most popular icons of the past century while also trying to make money off of the holiday he is associated with, it just feels off.

Am I off on this one? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not offended, I just think these commercials are annoying and a little mean-spirited. Though, considering how people act on Black Friday and in pretty much every mall parking lot from the end of November until the third week of January, maybe that’s fitting.

One thought on “Christmas Stories: Why Is Best Buy Being So Mean To Santa?

  1. Oh yeah! I thought the same thing about the commercials. I agree that there is maybe something wrong here–and I think it is related to the aptly named Black Friday and store employee’s thanksgiving being sacrificed to that day for midnight sales. We have become a culture of bloodsport. We have become a people who like to witness carnage just like the ancient Romans; whether it be Dr. Phil tearing down some poor mentally ill person in an “intervention” or it be watching a happless blunder to cause some would be date to be “dismissed” on the program of that title, we have become a society that feeds on emotional and physical carnage. This is the stage of depravity that follows sexual excess and glutony. Violence. So….better not pout….better not cry…..better walk fast when you pass best buy; I’d rather a knitted sweater from Mom! :0

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