Preferred Podcasts: Matt & Brett Love Comics

One of the many rad people I met while working at Wizard was Brett White. Brett is, without a doubt, the biggest X-Men fan I’ve ever met. We both came up reading comics at around the same time in the early 90s if memory serves, but were on different sides of the DC/Marvel fence. Anyway, when I heard that he has a comic book podcast along with his pal Matt Little called Matt & Brett Love Comics I was definitely intrigued. Of course, being a work-from-home dad, it took me quite a while to start listening, but in the last week I’ve downloaded and listened to all 27 episodes. (Before I forget, I snagged the above picture from Benjamin Ragheb’s Flickr.)

Before getting into why I like this podcast so much, I should probably explain what it is. Much like another podcast I greatly enjoy, How Did This Get Made?, M&BLC does a new episode every week: one longer one with some of their friends talking about a particular comic in the vein of a book club and a shorter episode preceding that one that both explains what the book club selection will be, but also talks about newer comics. They also sometimes interview comic creators, interviews that sometimes stay in just the shorter episode and sometimes go into the main review episode. Even though I know Brett to be a huge X-fan, they don’t stick exclusively to those books, he and Matt cover a much wider swatch of the comics world like Sandman, Death Ray and Courtney Crumrin.

I’ve listened to a few different comic podcasts over the years for varying lengths of time. I was really into the iFanboy podcasts for a year or two and only stopped watching when I started getting behind in new comics. I didn’t want the stories I was interested in spoiled for me, so I stopped. I can’t remember the names of some of the others I’ve checked out, but my problems with them were fairly standard: too nerdy, too whiney, too much up their own asses or, quite simply, too grating. Thankfully, M&BLC is found significantly lacking in those departments.

Well, it does get really nerdy, but in a good way with either Matt or Brett explaining what they’re talking about. I’d be mostly lost in a conversation about certain issues of X-Force, but they do a great job of explaining exactly what’s going on, giving context to those of us who might not have it already. In addition to their friends from the UCB and comic creators, Matt and Brett are regularly joined by the wonderful Nicole Drespel who brings up lots of interesting points from her perspective as someone who’s not as ingrained in the world of comics. I’m always curious to see what people who don’t normally read comics think about comics.

The key behind the success of this show in my mind is that Brett and Matt really do love comics. They’re not the kind of fans who sit around complaining about every little thing in comics, which you can’t throw a cat without hitting on the internet. Sure, they have their gripes and pet peeves like anyone, but that’s not what the show is ABOUT. When I was an intern at Wizard, a group of us were talking about how we’d rather high five comics than smack them down, which winds up being the real theme behind this show. Keep up the good work, guys!

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