Toy Commercial Tuesday: Batman The Dark Knight Collection

He-Man, Transformers and G.I. Joe might have been the toy lines that really got me into action figures as a young kid, but lines based on Batman, X-Men and Spider-Man kept me in it for as long as they existed. Starting around 1989’s Batman film, a line of Bat-toys started rolling out and hasn’t really stopped since. Back then, they were made by Kenner long before they were bought out by Hasbro.

Anyway, even though I’m not the biggest fan of that first Tim Burton Batman film (the sequel is another story, however), I still remember and might have owned some of these toys, dubbed The Dark Knight Collection for some reason. I know that I didn’t have that color-change Joker (rad idea, by the way) but I think I might have owned the Batman figure or at least a latter day revision/repaint/whathaveyou. I know for a fact I have a toy with that crazy arm cannon batarang launcher, but like I said, those got reused a ton after that. While I might not have been a huge fan of these figures at the time, I actually had a pretty big blast from the past watching this commercial because I do remember seeing it and thinking those toys looked pretty darn cool.

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