Live Blogging The Challenge Battle Of The Seasons Episode 3

Well, I’m not quite sure what to say about this episode. While it could have been a pretty huge turning point for the overly large San Diego/Las Vegas/Cancun/New Orleans alliance, it really wasn’t. There was some lovey dovey stuff which I know some people dig, but I’d honestly rather see more interactions between the cast members. We’re still at the point in this game where there are SO MANY people hanging around and not doing or saying anything. The episode was also a tricky one because the challenge and the Arena were really difficult to explain without images (and MTV has made it far more difficult to copy and paste their pics, so you’ll just have to head over there to check them out). Anyway, let’s jump on in to the live blog already. * Easy and Devyn are hanging out. Romance is blooming.

* Now Sarah and Alton are doing yoga and talking about how much they like surfing.

* Trishelle tells the camera that she’s been told by people that Sarah is very manipulative.

* Knight says he’s good sticking around because the other teams think they’re weak. Of COURSE he does.

* Austin, Fresh Meat and then Brooklyn. Trishelle says that Alton being with Sarah will screw up bouncing Brookyln in the long run.

* Hook, Line & Sinker – Wow, this is hard to describe. There’s a huge V hanging over the water with rods running the length of it. You have to use a hook that’s also attached to your foothold and get your whole team across from one side to the other. Oh, also, you’re sharing the hook/foot things. You have 20 minutes to do this.

* San Diego chooses Fresh Meat and Brooklyn to do the challenge. Zach is a Challenge super fan, so he knows how to rock this.

* Fresh Meat is ahead, but then it looks like Easy falls. Fresh Meat’s out. Now Brooklyn can focus and finish. Brooklyn got it, but very close to the 20 minute time limit.

* St. Thomas and New Orleans go next. McKenzie is shaking like an earthquake. Knight points out that they only need to get past where Easy fell.

* Marie’s also shaking pretty bad. Yet again, she’s a huge talker, but a poor performer. The teams look neck and neck with only a minute left. St. Thomas is ahead, but I guess it doesn’t matter cause they both did better than Fresh Meat.

* San Diego and Cancun. Cancun gets there before San Diego, but they both finish.

* Now it’s just Vegas. Nany’s freaking out now. They have a minute, but they’re close to the platform and…make it.

* Fresh Meat’s definitely going into the Arena this time. That’s three for three. Close between Cancun and Vegas with…commercial break.

* We’re back and Vegas got it! They’re part of the alliance and since they were already gunning for Fresh Meat, I’m guessing they toss in…oh wait. The Vegas girls want to send in Brooklyn teams, but Alton wants to send in New Orleans and hope for McKenzie and Preston to get bounced. On the bus, Trishelle tells Alton they need to get rid of Sarah because she’s clouding him.

* Trishelle goes back to the house and tells New Orleans that Alton wants to throw them in. Pfft, listening to Nany talk about playing the politics is cute.

* Damn, Trishelle’s talking to everyone about this. This is not a good way to play the game. Sarah thinks its because she’s a tough player, which is true.

* Alton wants to win and just throw in weak teams. Dustin tells Alton he’s having a bit of a power trip. Alton walks off after this. The other three talk about throwing Brooklyn in and going with the plan because, if they don’t, they know they’ll be a target after that.

* At the throwing in session, Trishelle gets up to rep the team. She goes on about it not being an easy or unanimous decision. They go with Brooklyn. It’s a strategy game.

* Sarah confronts Trishelle. Trishelle says that she thinks Sarah is doing this to screw up her team. Sarah of course denies this and I believe her.

* Whoa, Alton says that Sarah completes a full picture of what he sees his life as being.

* It’s some kind of puzzle game.

* Brandon’s trying to talk Camila up and she freaks out a bit and tells him to go away. This leads to a big fight. Brandon’s sick of losing and being thrown in.

* The next morning, Camila and Brandon are talking and Brandon apologizes for not talking to her ahead of time. They’re cool now, I guess.

* Trishelle’s talking to Dustin about breaking up Alton and Sarah. Chet’s right there and comes in, telling her they talk about wind and scars. Trishelle says Sarah is selfish and doesn’t want to go in. NO CRAP, THAT’S HOW THE GAME WORKS.

* Cara Maria talks to Camila to see if she really doesn’t want to be here. If she doesn’t, Cara Maria doesn’t want to send herself in, which is understandable. It seems like they don’t come to a decision.

* Cut to The Arena. Fresh Meat doesn’t chose again and Vegas gets to chose. They go with Cara Maria and Brandon to give Easy a rest. There’s all kinds of inter-team shade being thrown around.

* Brooklyn votes to send in Sarah and Chet. Whoa! They want to set an example.

* Knot So Fast. Two big domes. Partners attached to 100 foot rope. You have 10 minutes to wrap and tie your rope in as complicated a thing as you can. Then you switch and have to unravel your opponents’ knots.

* Well this is a cool challenge, but pretty impossible to comment on. The ropes are pretty heavy, so they’re struggling, but Fresh Meat more so than Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s also looks a lot more complex than Fresh Meat’s.

* Alright, end of round one, moving on to two. No idea who made a better rope mess. It really is impossible to tell if one team is doing better than the other making this maybe not the best Arena of all time. As TJ says, it’s anyone’s game.

* Seems like Sarah and Chet are going to win…and they do! Oh man, Brandon’s gotta be PISSED. As Cara Maria points out, the joke is now that Camila is partnered up with only Easy.

* Trishelle tells the camera that she has to eat her words about.

* TJ points out that the only kind of Arena left is Mental.

* Easy says he’s bummed to see his teammates leave, but he’s drinking wine with Easy.

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