Friday Fisticuffs: The Three Musketeers (2011)

Hope everyone had a solid Turkey Day without eating too too much food and getting into too many awkward conversations with family members. I had a delightful time with my wife, daughter and parents. Anyway, I wanted to keep my not-nearly regular schedule of Friday Fisticuffs going even on this week of thanks because, well, I watched a cool action movie that I wanted to tell people about.

It’s not technically accurate to even call the 2011 Three Musketeers directed by Paul W.S. Anderson a Friday Fisticuffs because, while there is some hand to hand fighting, the movie hinges mostly on swordplay. But, since I don’t want to start Swordplay Saturday and have yet another regular column I can’t keep up with, we’re calling this one an FF, so just deal with it.

Like I said, I really liked this movie. It’s not brilliant or mind-blowing or anything like that, but it is super cool, bordering on awesome. PWSA is known for these big, bombastic, sleek looking action movies. For the most part, these movies are not well regarded. I myself have only seen Alien Vs. Predator (disappointing) and Death Race (don’t remember, but it’s got Statham), but with all that said, I greatly enjoyed 3M.

It’s just so damn fun. You’ve got a group of rogueish heroes including the wonderfully entertaining Ray Stevenson, a conniving woman who I can’t help but still like, period appropriate gadgets (or maybe not, who cares?), a series of villains ranging from pitiable to downright E-Vil and some of the prettiest damn action scenes I’ve seen in a awhile. Oh, and a blimp chase.

You know what, I’m calling this movie awesome. I had a ton of fun watching everything in this movie which did a great job of topping itself and upping the stakes as it went all the while keeping things light and fun enough. Again, this isn’t Citizen Kane with swords, but it is a gigantic ball of fun that I can spend a couple hours with on any given weekend. For what ti’s worth, my wife seemed to like it too (I’m guessing a big part of this was because Orlando Bloom was in it). She was also able to fill in some of the things I missed while cooking dinner as she’s seen an earlier version and knew more of the history behind the story. She’s rad like that.

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