Toy Commercial Tuesday: Hook Action Figures

From what I can tell, Hook is one of those movies that only people of a certain age liked. If you’re too old, it came off as corny and melodramatic and if you’re too young, well, you’ve probably just never seen it. I was about 8 or so when it came out which put me squarely in Hook’s sites. It’s been a while since I’ve watched the film, but I’m excited to get to in my chronological viewing of Steven Spielberg’s films.

Anyway, I don’t think I had any of these action figures as a kid, but my friends and I all played Hook on our own. We didn’t really care about old Peter, but were enthralled with the can-do-anything-they-want-to Lost Boys, especially their charismatic leader ROO FI OOOOOOO. The toys don’t really capture any of that, but that boat playset thing sure looks fun!

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