Toy Commercial Tuesday: Man Of Steel Exploders

I’m pretty excited about Man of Steel which debuts this weekend. So, I figured I’d look around for some Superman related toy commercials and was surprised to find that there aren’t that many on YouTube. I’m not sure if this one, or a version of it, is even running anywhere, but I did see the Exploders toys at a store recently, so I know that they exist. This commercial was actually posted in the fall of last year, but it certainly reflects the details we know about the film: Zod comes to Earth on the Black Zero which happens to be packed with Kryptonians loyal to him and they fight. While my personal tastes tend to veer towards more traditional action figures, I like the play value involved with these Exploders. Superman obviously doesn’t stretch (unless you’re reading wacky Silver Age stories) but it’s a cool way to get to the idea of flying through the air and smashing through bad guys and other obstacles.

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