Toy Commercial Tuesday: Centurions

Back in the late 90s/early 00s when all the 80s animation and toy properties were getting revived, I was surprised by the complete lack of a Centurions reboot. The concept of highly trained special agents traveling around the globe stopping evildoers aided by equipment that’s teleported in from a satellite. Each agent has terrain-specific weaponry that helps them fight Doc Terror, Hacker and their robotic minions. As an added bonus, the characters were actually designed by Jack Kirby, so they have to at least look cool, right?!

I dug this cartoon when it aired in the late 80s, but don’t think I ever got in on the toy action. They translate pretty darn well into the toy world, though. A guy who can attach extra weapons — sold separately, of course — to his body? What could be cooler? Heck, you could shrink the weapons down and turn this into a pretty solid sci-fi/action live action TV series that would be all kinds of fun. Let’s make this happen!

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