Toy Commercial Tuesday: Aliens

Originally I was going to start this post reminding everyone how much I love toy lines from the 80s and 90s based on R-rated films that kids couldn’t actually see, but what kind of BS is it making an Aliens line of toys and not making Ripley the star? I know the general consensus is that boys didn’t/don’t buy female action figures, but come on! We’re talking about one of the most bad ass ladies around!

Okay, having said that, how cool is that Atax figure with xenomorph costume? Super cool, right? Now think of how cool it’d be with Sigourney Weaver inside! The winged and water-spurting aliens are also pretty rad, but that alien-capturing ship is probably the coolest thing in this spot. Why didn’t they ever think of just trapping them in a giant jar? Probably because it would have ended the franchise really early…

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