The High Five Podcast Episode 22 – More Weezer With Matt Bond Part 1

Today we welcome my pal Matt Bond back to the show to talk about not only the two latest Weezer albums — OK Human and Van Weezer — but also Rivers Cuomo solo outings Alone, Alone II and Not Alone! This will be a two-parter! If you want to hear our initial talk, which covered the band’s other 13 records, check them out here and here.

We reference a lot of interviews, podcasts and videos in this one, so here are the links! Matt mentions Rivers on a podcast, which is an episode of Pete Holmes’ You Made It Weird from 2017. He also mentioned his brother-in-law’s podcast which is called Are You Ready For Another…?

I mention bits and pieces of info gleaned from this OK Human NPR piece, an LA Times interview from the same time plus this awkward Forbes Van Weezer interview with Scott, Brian and Pat and the interview with Suzy Shinn from Slate. You can also watch the recent Rivers interview on the Zach Sang Show here:

In the episodes we also talk about the wild theory that Kurt Cobain and Rivers Cuomo are the same person. The website is called RiversCobain if you want to check it out. It’s nuts. I really didn’t realize the live version of OK Human I watched was a ripped off pay-per-view livestream. If you search for A Night With Weezer, you’ll find it. I do want to officially plug TheGuitarNotebook for posting all those great Weezer Blue Album bass tab lesson videos.

You can follow Matt on Twitter. I’m on there too. Dig me on Instagram too if you like. You can also leave a comment here, review the show on Apple Podcasts or email me at high5tj at gmail dot com. Have a good one!

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