The High Five Episode 23 – More Weezer With Matt Bond Part 2

Hello and welcome to the second half of my chat with longtime friend Matt Bond about our favorite band, Weezer! In this one, we dig into the greatness of Van Weezer, physical media and Tales From The Black Hole! For links to the podcasts and interviews we talk about, check out last week’s post!

In the last episode we talked about how awesome “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” is. Here’s a clip of Weezer performing it live — with a CHOIR! — at the Spike Video Game Awards. It’s…wild.

Also, Matt mentioned a new Weezer song in a video game, it’s called “Tell Me What You Want,” it’s from the game Wave Break, features a “Weezy Mode” and I absolutely want to play it. Here’s a clip:

You can follow Matt on Twitter. I’m on there too. Dig me on Instagram too if you like. You can also leave a comment here, review the show on Apple Podcasts or email me at high5tj at gmail dot com. Have a good one!

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